„It is true that those we meet can change us, sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterwards, even unto our names.“

—  Yann Martel, livro Life of Pi

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„Meet is it changes should control
Our being, lest we rust in ease.“

—  Alfred, Lord Tennyson British poet laureate 1809 - 1892
Context: Meet is it changes should control Our being, lest we rust in ease. We all are changed by still degrees, All but the basis of the soul. " Love Thou Thy Land http://home.att.net/%7ETennysonPoetry/lttl.htm", st. 11 (1842)

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„We need to change because the world is changing, and we need to anticipate what is next and be there first, as the US military has always been. So, the changes in our future, I think is something that we are all completely committed to.“

—  Ash Carter United States Secretary of Defense 1954
archive.defensenews.com interview http://archive.defensenews.com/article/20131119/DEFREG02/311190032/Interview-Ashton-Carter-US-Deputy-Defense-Secretary

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