„I have laughed, in bitterness and agony of heart, at the contrast between what I seem and what I am!“

—  Nathaniel Hawthorne, livro The Scarlet Letter

Fonte: The Scarlet Letter

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Nathaniel Hawthorne3
1804 - 1864

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„I have a theory, that there is a terrific link between what is funny and what is scary. I think there is a very close connection between what frightens people and what makes them laugh. Laughter is a kind of nervousness. Animals don't laugh. Smiling is, anthropologists agree, directly linked to the baring of the teeth.“

—  Christopher Walken American actor 1943

Jan Moir (March 11, 2002) "'You're not scared of me, are you?': Christopher Walken has cornered the market in movie menace. But, as Jan Moir discovers, he is just as unsettling in real life", The Daily Telegraph, p. 18.

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„I shall laugh my bitter laugh.“

—  Nikolai Gogol Russian writer 1809 - 1852

Epitaph on Gogol's tombstone

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„I can't think of a more appalling contrast between this wedding beanfeast and what is happening in Ireland.“

—  Ken Livingstone Mayor of London between 2000 and 2008 1945

Referring to the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, in Daily Mail (29 July 1981).

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„You ask what I am for and what I am against in Spain. I would give my right hand of course to prevent the agony; I would not give a flick of my little finger to help either side win.“

—  Robinson Jeffers American poet 1887 - 1962

Response in a pamphlet Writers Take Sides : Letters About the War in Spain from 418 American Authors (1938) by the American Writers League, which asked various authors: "Are you for or are you against Franco and fascism?".

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„I don't know what to write Feneon about the theory of 'passages'. I will write him what seems to me to be the truth of the matter, that I am at this moment looking for some substitute for the dot [which was the 'heart of [w:Neo-Impressionism|Neo-Impressionist]] painting]; so far I have not found what I want, the actual execution does not seem to me to be rapid enough and does not follow sensation with enough inevitability, but it would be best not to speak of this. The fact is I would be hard put to express my meaning clearly, although I am completely aware of what I lack.“

—  Camille Pissarro French painter 1830 - 1903

Quote of Camille Pissarro, in a letter, Paris, 20 February 1889, to his son Lucien; in Camille Pissarro - Letters to His Son Lucien ed. John Rewald, with assistance of Lucien Pissarro; from the unpublished French letters; transl. Lionel Abel; Pantheon Books Inc. New York, second edition, 1943, p. 134-135
Rewald: 'This data was doubtless for an article in preparation. While the question of the 'passage', which was going to separate Camille Pissarro from pointillism and thus from Divisionism, was then the main preoccupation of the artist, Pissarro was still unable to express himself with precision on it.'

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„Yes, I am very lucky, but I have a little theory about this. I have noticed through experience and observation that providence, nature, God, or what I would call the power of creation seems to favor human beings who accept and love life unconditionally, and I am certainly one who does with all my heart.“

—  Arthur Rubinstein Polish-American classical pianist 1887 - 1982

From his autobiography My Young Years (1973), quoted in Carol Krucoff (August 13, 1982) "FOCUS: With a Little Bit of Good Luck", The Washington Post, p. D5.

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„I am only fond of what comes from the heart.“

—  Martha Washington First Lady of the United States 1731 - 1802

Letter to Mercy Warren (1789)
Contexto: I am not apt to forget the feelings that have been inspired by ray former society with good acquaintances, nor to be insensible to their expressions of gratitude to the President of the United States; for you know me well enough, to do me the justice to believe, that I am only fond of what comes from the heart.

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„What, O Kunti, am I to give thee? Tell me what is in thy heart.“

—  Kunti character from Indian epic Mahabharata

Vayu to Kunti when Kunti invoked him.
The Mahabharata/Book 1: Adi Parva/Section CXXIII

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„You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope… I have loved none but you.“

—  Jane Austen, livro Persuasão (livro)

Variante: You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever.
Fonte: Persuasion

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„Come on,” I said. “We have to try. The effort is utterly pointless, but inaction seems an even greater agony.“

—  Michael Shea, livro Nifft the Lean

Part 3, Chapter 18 (p. 221)
Nifft the Lean (1982)

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