„Military men are "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.“

—  Henry Kissinger, Kissinger has denied saying it. The only evidence that Kissinger ever said this was a claim in the book, The Final Days, by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, in chapter 14 (p.194 in the 1995 paperback edition). Woodward & Bernstein claimed that one of Kissinger's political foes, Alexander Haig, had told someone unnamed, that he (Haig) had heard Kissinger say it. That's triple hearsay, made even weaker by the fact that one of the parties is anonymous. Kissinger has denied ever saying it, and it was never substantiated by Haig, nor by anyone of known identity who claimed to have heard it. As Kirkus Reviews noted about the whole book, "none of it is substantiated in any assessable way." In fact, the quote is not even very plausible, on its face. Kissinger served with distinction in the U.S. Army during WWII, and was awarded the Bronze Star. He has always been very respectful of other servicemen and their sacrifices. For him to have said such a thing would have been wildly out of character. In fact, the awkward phrasing doesn't even sound like Kissinger, whose English prose is consistently measured and careful, despite his heavy accent, even when he speaks extemporaneously.

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Bob Woodward photo
Ilana Mercer photo

„A bully's universe: US foreign policy operates upon the premise that American men and matériel should be capable of reaching and controlling all corners of the world.“

—  Ilana Mercer South African writer
“Putin Saves Us From Ourselves,” http://www.ilanamercer.com/phprunner/public_article_list_view.php?editid1=644 WorldNetDaily.com, March 23, 2012.

Orson Scott Card photo
Andrei Grechko photo

„For us military men, it is impossible to forget.“

—  Andrei Grechko Soviet military commander 1903 - 1976
Quoted in "Bulletin" - by Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars - Cold War - 1995

„It is a sensible military tactic to recognize the enemy before you shoot. The common enemy is the animality in man, and not the men here and there who are behaving like animals at the moment.“

—  Milton Mayer American journalist 1908 - 1986
Context: It is a sensible military tactic to recognize the enemy before you shoot. The common enemy is the animality in man, and not the men here and there who are behaving like animals at the moment. Neither science nor prayer nor force will save us. What will save us is the reason that enables men, in ancient Israel and modern America, to choose between guns and butter, and to choose well. When we have produced men of reason, we shall have a world of reason, and the Hitlers will disappear. As long as we produce men of force we shall have a world of force, and the Hitlers, whoever wins the wars, will carry the day. Society may make many demands on me, as long as it keeps me out of the cave. It may take my property. It may take my life. But when it puts me back into the cave I must say, politely but firmly, to hell with society. My ancestors were cannibals without benefit of parliaments.

Mark Twain photo
Isaac Asimov photo

„The military mind remains unparalleled as a vehicle of creative stupidity.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992
In Memory Yet Green (Avon Books, 1979), p. 461

Anna Sewell photo
Woody Harrelson photo

„Because superior non-animal methods are used for this exact training by military and civilian programs around the world, animals are clearly not required to meet your objectives. … I'm sure you agree that our military personnel deserve state-of-the-art training and that our country deserves to be respected for its civilized treatment of animals.“

—  Woody Harrelson American actor 1961
Letter that he sent to the Army, against the use of monkeys in chemical attack training exercises; full text in "Woody Harrelson Fights Army Tests on Chimps", in Usnews.com (13 September 2011) https://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/09/13/woody-harrelson-fights-army-tests-on-chimps.

George Colman the Younger photo

„On their own merits modest men are dumb.“

—  George Colman the Younger English dramatist and writer 1762 - 1836
Epilogue to the Heir at Law, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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