„By definition, you have to live until you die. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable an experience as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be.“


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„You live you die and death not ends it.“

—  Jim Morrison lead singer of The Doors 1943 - 1971
Context: O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives The moths & atheists are doubly divine & dying We live, we die and death not ends it

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„Great God, and you witnesses of my death, I have lived as a philosopher, and I die as a Christian.“

—  Giacomo Casanova Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice 1725 - 1798
Last words, according to his friend the Prince de Ligne (Mémoires et mélanges historiques et littéraires, book IV, p. 42 http://www.google.com/books?id=upYBAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA42&q=%22Grand+Dieu%22, translated for instance in: The Freeman, p. 224 http://www.google.com/books?id=mmkQAAAAIAAJ&q=%22Great+God%22+%22and+I+die+as+a+Christian%22)

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