„To see truth as truth, we don't need a lot of study. It's not complicated. What we need is pure observation. An open mind and fresh eyes will serve us well.“

—  Ilchi Lee

Fonte: Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

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Ilchi Lee19
South Korean businessman 1950

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„What we need is not truths that serve us but a truth we may serve.“

—  Jacques Maritain French philosopher 1882 - 1973

Fonte: Degrees of Knowledge (1932, Notre Dame Translation), p. 4.

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„We wish to pursue the truth no matter where it leads — but to find the truth, we need imagination and skepticism both.“

—  Carl Sagan American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author and science educator 1934 - 1996

5 min 15 sec
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1990 Update), The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean [Episode 1]
Contexto: We wish to pursue the truth no matter where it leads — but to find the truth, we need imagination and skepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact. The cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths; of exquisite interrelationships; of the awesome machinery of nature. The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. On this shore we've learned most of what we know. Recently we've waded a little way out, maybe ankle deep, and the water seems inviting. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can. Because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.

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„Crazy-busy’ is a great armor, it’s a great way for numbing. What a lot of us do is that we stay so busy, and so out in front of our life, that the truth of how we’re feeling and what we really need can’t catch up with us.“

—  Brené Brown US writer and professor 1965

Washington Post, October 2012 http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/exhaustion-is-not-a-status-symbol/2012/10/02/19d27aa8-0cba-11e2-bb5e-492c0d30bff6_story_2.html

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„The truth is: Islam does not belong to us. It brings violence and danger everywhere. We need to deislamize and close our borders.“

—  Geert Wilders Dutch politician 1963

As quoted in "Dutch cabinet intensifies security after Paris attacks" http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-11/14/c_134816626.htm, Xinhua News Agency (14 November 2015)

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„But whether it be dream or truth, to do well is what matters. If it be truth, for truth's sake. If not, then to gain friends for the time when we awaken.“

—  Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Life is a Dream

Mas, sea verdad o sueño,
obrar bien es lo que importa.
Si fuere verdad, por serlo;
si no, por ganar amigos
para cuando despertemos.
Segismundo, Act III, l. 236.
La vida es sueño (Life is a Dream)

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„A man needs truth like a machine needs oil.“

—  Jack Kerouac American writer 1922 - 1969

Often attributed to Kerouac's novel Big Sur, the quote cannot be found in that book, nor in any of Kerouac's other published works. It is, in fact, a quote by the Kerouac character in the movie of Big Sur (2013) and therefore composed by the screenplay writer Michael Polish, rather than by Jack Kerouac.

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“