„It's of course a very very big deal to do something like this, it is unprecedented for English Wikipedia.“


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Federico Buffa photo

„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

Larry Sanger photo

„I know Wikipedia is very cool. A lot of people do not think so, but of course they are wrong.“

—  Larry Sanger American former professor, co-founder of Wikipedia, founder of Citizendium and other projects 1968
"Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism" at kuro5hin (31 December 2004) http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/12/30/142458/25.

Stephen Chbosky photo
Chuck Klosterman photo
Jane Austen photo

„I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.“

—  Jane Austen, Jane Austen's Letters
Letter to Cassandra (1798-12-24) [Letters of Jane Austen -- Brabourne Edition]

Stella Vine photo

„I do have a very, very big problem with someone who saw me coming and exploited me as a mascot.“

—  Stella Vine English artist 1969
Billen, Andrew. "I Made More Money As A Stripper..." http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/article445303.ece?token=null&offset=12&page=2, (2004-06-15) On her time with The Stuckists.

Jordan Peterson photo
"Weird Al" Yankovic photo

„Shoppin' online for deals on some writable media
I edit Wikipedia“

—  "Weird Al" Yankovic American singer-songwriter, music producer, accordionist, actor, comedian, writer, satirist, and parodist 1959
"White & Nerdy", Straight Outta Lynwood (2006).

Stanislaw Ulam photo

„The mathematicians know a great deal about very little and the physicists very little about a great deal.“

—  Stanislaw Ulam Polish-American mathematician 1909 - 1984
On the Ergodic Behavior of Dynamical Systems (LA-2055, May 10, 1955) in

Richard Dawkins photo

„It is very good that Wikipedia also gives a page to "Internet Meme". Internet memes are arguably the most important subset of memes today“

—  Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene
https://twitter.com/RichardDawkins/status/276449081746915328 (5 December 2012)

Jodi Picoult photo
Adrienne Rich photo

„To do something very common, in my own way.“

—  Adrienne Rich American poet, essayist and feminist 1929 - 2012

Vivek Wadhwa photo

„By picking this particular fight [with the FBI], Apple is doing the technology industry a big disservice.... Apple will very likely lose this case in the courts and suffer a public relations disaster.“

—  Vivek Wadhwa American academic
Apple picked the wrong battle in privacy war http://dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2016/02/18/vivek-wadhwa-apple-picked-the-wrong-battle-in-privacy-war in The Dallas Morning News (18 February 2016)

Scott McClellan photo

„The President is a very straightforward and plainspoken person, and I'm someone who believes in dealing in a very straightforward way with you all, as well, and that's what I've worked to do.“

—  Scott McClellan Former White House press secretary 1968
Source: Press briefing http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2005/07/20050712-4.html, July 12, 2005

Joseph Heller photo