„The sign of a great man is how you handle defeat. - Old Jack“


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„If you know how to handle the verbs, you know how to handle the language. Everything else is just vocabulary.“

—  Michel Thomas American linguist and language teacher 1914 - 2005
Speak German with Michel Thomas, Disc 5

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„The faces that were young once were old as mine but everyone remembered how we were. The eyes had not changed and nobody was fat. No mouths were bitter no matter what the eyes had seen. Bitter lines around the mouth are the first sign of defeat. Nobody was defeated.“

—  Ernest Hemingway American author and journalist 1899 - 1961
Ch. 9 It is July 1959 and Hemingway is in Marceliano's bar in Pamplona, where he has not been since before the Spanish Civil War. In the following paragraph Hemingway mentions for contrast an unpleasant American journalist in his early twenties whose 'handsome young face already showed the traced lines of bitterness around the upper lips.'

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„I say also: watch (…) to any signs that would suggest that there a disempowerment. That those who plunge into Salafism are somehow victims of a great handling as regards sects. No, there is also that part of personal will that you should never rule out.“

—  Manuel Valls French Socialist Party (PS) politician 1962
Valls: French Muslims to conduct “all over” the fight against Salafism http://www.archyxx.com/valls-french-muslims-to-conduct-all-over-the-fight-against-salafism/, Archyxx. (July 20, 2016)

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„How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.“

—  Salman Rushdie, Step Across This Line: Collected Nonfiction 1992-2002

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