„He thinks Goliath can end the war," Alek managed at last. "The man wants peace!"

"As do we all," Count Volger said. "But there are many ways to end a war. Some are more peaceful than others.“

—  Scott Westerfeld, livro Goliath

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Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner photo

„Instead of it (World War I) having been a war to end wars - it (the Paris Peace Conference) is a Peace to end Peace.“

—  Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner British statesman and colonial administrator 1854 - 1925

A remark to his private secretary, Lord Sandon, in May 1919. From Terence H. O'Brien, Milner, Viscount Milner of St James and Cape Town 1954-1925, 1979, Constable, p. 335.

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„We can achieve much more in peace than we can ever achieve in these needless, unconstitutional, undeclared wars.“

—  Ron Paul American politician and physician 1935

Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, August 5, 2007 http://www.cfr.org/publication/13981/republican_debate_transcript_iowa.html
2000s, 2006-2009

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„I do not think that this peace based on force is, can be, or should be, an ultimate end.“

—  Edward Teller Hungarian-American nuclear physicist 1908 - 2003

Debating Linus Pauling, in The Nuclear Bomb Tests...Is Fallout Overrated? : Fallout and Disarmament KQED-TV, San Francisco (20 February 1958) http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/specialcollections/coll/pauling/peace/papers/1958p2.1.html
Contexto: If we stay strong, then I believe we can stabilize the world and have peace based on force. Now, peace based on force is not as good as peace based on agreement, but in the terrible world in which we live, in the world where the Russians have enslaved many millions of human beings, in the world where they have killed men, I think that for the time being the only peace we can have is the peace based on force. Furthermore, I do not think that this peace based on force is, can be, or should be, an ultimate end. Our ultimate end must be precisely what Dr. Pauling says, peace based on agreement, on understanding, on universally agreed and enforced law. I think this is a wonderful idea, but peace based on force buys the necessary time, and in this time we can work for better understanding, for closer collaboration, first with the countries which are closest to us, which we understand better, our allies, the western countries, the NATO countries, which believe in human liberties as we do. Then, as soon as possible, with the rest of the free world, and eventually, I hope, with the whole world, including Russia, even though it may take many years to come.

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„Weighing the sacrifices of the last war, we want to be true friends of a peace which will at last heal the wounds from which all have suffered.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

Speech in Potsdam (21 March 1933), quoted in The Times (26 September 1939), p. 9

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„Bonaparte's wish is Peace, nay that he is afraid of war to the last degree.“

—  Charles James Fox British Whig statesman 1749 - 1806

Letter to Charles Grey (12 December 1802), quoted in L. G. Mitchell, Charles James Fox (London: Penguin, 1997), p. 201.

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„If we can cultivate in the world the idea that aggressive war-making is the way to the prisoner's dock rather than the way to honors, we will have accomplished something toward making the peace more secure.“

—  Robert H. Jackson American judge 1892 - 1954

Opening Address to the International Military Tribunal at the Nuremberg Trials (10 November 1945)
Quotes from the Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946)

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„We, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961

2013, Second Inaugural Address (January 2013)