„my wifes cooking is so bad the flys fix our screens“

Rodney Dangerfield photo
Rodney Dangerfield
1921 - 2004

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Anton Chekhov photo

„It’s easier to write about Socrates than about a young woman or a cook.“

—  Anton Chekhov Russian dramatist, author and physician 1860 - 1904
Letter to A.S. Suvorin (January 2, 1894)

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„Cook: We have some breast of flamingo and gazelle steaks.“

—  Jack Benny comedian, vaudeville performer, and radio, television, and film actor 1894 - 1974

 Saki photo

„The cook was a good cook, as cooks go; and as cooks go she went.“

—  Saki British writer 1870 - 1916
"Reginald on Besetting Sins"

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Vladimir Lenin photo

„We know that an unskilled labourer or a cook cannot immediately get on with the job of state administration.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924
Will the Bolsheviks Retain Government Power? (1917); this is often misquoted as "every cook must learn to govern the state" or even "every cook can govern the state."

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„Mr. Blingham, and may he fry in his own cooking-oil, was assistant treasurer of the Flaver-Saver Company.“

—  Sinclair Lewis American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright 1885 - 1951
Kingsblood Royal (1947) First lines.

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„I normally have them cooked on the barbecue, but I enjoy onions!“

—  Tony Abbott Australian politician 1957
Prime Minister Tony Abbott pictured biting into an onion ... again http://www.smh.com.au/national/prime-minister-tony-abbott-pictured-biting-into-an-onion--again-20150812-gixsju.html, August 12, 2015.