„A single day is enough to make us a little larger or, another time, a little smaller.“

— Paul Klee

Paul Klee foto
Paul Klee7
1879 - 1940

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„So many books, so little time.“

— Frank Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993

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„We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.“

— Roald Dahl British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter 1916 - 1990

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„Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.“

— Beatrix Potter English children's writer and illustrator 1866 - 1943
The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902)

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„It's true we're all a little insane“

— Amy Lee American singer-songwriter and pianist 1981

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„Leave this world a little better than you found it.“

— Robert Baden-Powell lieutenant-general in the British Army, writer, founder and Chief Scout of the Scout Movement 1857 - 1941
Baden-Powell's Last Message (1941)

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