„Things usually work out in the end."
"What if they don't?"
"That just means you haven't come to the end yet.“

—  Jeannette Walls, livro The Glass Castle
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Jeannette Walls50
American writer and journalist 1960

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„Translation: The crucial thing is what comes out at the end.“

—  Helmut Kohl former chancellor of West Germany (1982-1990) and then the united Germany (1990-1998) 1930 - 2017
Entscheidend ist, was hinten rauskommt. In a press conference on August 31, 1984; cited in DER SPIEGEL (September 3, 1984)

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„Usually, in the studio, on this sort of thing … you just go out and have a play over it, and see what comes, and it's usually — mostly — the first take that's the best one, and you find yourself repeating yourself thereafter.“

—  David Gilmour guitarist, singer, best known as a member of Pink Floyd 1946
On guitar solos, in an interview in Time, quoted in Classic Albums: Pink Floyd – The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon (2003)

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