„How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?“

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Robert Lee Frost30
1874 - 1963

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„The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882
Misattributed, Attributed to Emerson in Life’s Instructions for Wisdom, Success, and Happiness (2000) by H. Jackson Brown Jr., as well as numerous on-line sources since, the article "The Purpose of Life Is Not To Be Happy But To Matter" at the Quote Investigator https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/11/29/purpose/ indicates that this quote is probably derived from various statements first made by Leo Rosten, including the following words delivered at the National Book Awards held in New York in 1962: "The purpose of life is not to be happy — but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all."

A citação é erroneamente atribuída ao autor
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„I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.“

—  C.G. Jung Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology 1875 - 1961

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„You can never plan the future by the past.“

—  Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish statesman 1729 - 1797
A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly (1791), Letter to a Member of the National Assembly (1791)

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„Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.“

—  Auguste Rodin French sculptor 1840 - 1917
1900s-1940s, As quoted in Heads and Tales (1936) by Malvina Hoffman, p. 47

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„No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story
Disputed, Sometimes claimed to appear in her book This is My Story, but in The Quote Verifier by Ralph Keyes (2006), Keyes writes on p. 97 that "Bartlett's and other sources say her famous quotation can be found in This is My Story, Roosevelt's 1937 autobiography. It can't. Quotographer Rosalie Maggio scoured that book and many others by and about Roosevelt in search of this line, without success. In their own extensive searching, archivists at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, have not been able to find the quotation in This Is My Story or any other writing by the First Lady. A discussion of some of the earliest known attributions of this quote to Roosevelt, which may be a paraphrase from an interview, can be found in this entry from Quote Investigator http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/03/30/not-inferior/.

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„Be wiser than other people if you can; but do not tell them so.“

—  Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield British statesman and man of letters 1694 - 1773
Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman (1774), 19 November 1745

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„Time ripens all things. No man is born wise.“

—  Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright 1547 - 1616
Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605–1615), Part II (1615), Book III, Context: Time ripens all things. No man is born wise. Bishops are made of men and not of stones. Ch. 33. Note: "Time ripens all things" is the translator's interpolation and does not appear in the original Spanish text.

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