„As always, she was carrying the washing. Rudy was carrying two buckets of cold water, or as he put it, two buckets of future ice.“

—  Markus Zusak, livro The Book Thief

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Kate Bush photo

„There's something moving
Under, under the ice,
Moving under ice,
Through water,
Trying to get out of the cold water.
"It's me."“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

Something, someone — help them.
"It's me."
Song lyrics, Hounds of Love (1985), The Ninth Wave

Marcus Aurelius photo

„A man standing by a spring of clear, sweet water and cursing it. While the fresh water keeps on bubbling up. He can shovel mud into it, or dung, and the stream will carry it away, wash itself clean, remain unstained.“

—  Marcus Aurelius, livro Meditações

Hays translation
Suppose that men kill thee, cut thee in pieces, curse thee. What then can these things do to prevent thy mind from remaining pure, wise, sober, just? For instance, if a man should stand by a limpid pure spring, and curse it, the spring never ceases sending up potable water; and if he should cast clay into it or filth, it will speedily disperse them and wash them out, and will not be at all polluted. How then shalt thou possess a perpetual fountain? By forming thyself hourly to freedom conjoined with contentment, simplicity and modesty.
VIII, 51
Meditations (c. 121–180 AD), Book VIII

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Anaïs Nin photo

„The times in his studio when he washed his hands and they smoked, for his hands were so warm and the water so cold.“

—  Anaïs Nin writer of novels, short stories, and erotica 1903 - 1977

The Diary Of Anais Nin, Volume Two (1934-1939)
Diary entries (1914 - 1974)

Jorge Luis Borges photo

„Time carries him as the river carries
A leaf in the downstream water.
No matter. The enchanted one insists
And shapes God with delicate geometry.“

—  Jorge Luis Borges Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and a key figure in Spanish language literature 1899 - 1986

"Baruch Spinoza", as translated in Spinoza and Other Heretics: The Marrano of Reason (1989) by Yirmiyahu Yovel
Contexto: Time carries him as the river carries
A leaf in the downstream water.
No matter. The enchanted one insists
And shapes God with delicate geometry.
Since his illness, since his birth,
He goes on constructing God with the word.
The mightiest love was granted him
Love that does not expect to be loved.

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„All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades
And ice cold beer.
And a place to sit somewhere near

—  Brad Paisley American country music singer 1972

Water, written by Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois, and Kelley Lovelace.
Song lyrics, American Saturday Night (2009)

Stephen Spender photo

„History is the ship carrying living memories to the future.“

—  Stephen Spender English poet and man of letters 1909 - 1995

As quoted in Peter's Quotations : Ideas for Our Times (1993) by Laurence J. Peter, p. 247

Ralph Waldo Emerson photo

„There are always two parties, the party of the Past and the party of the Future: the Establishment and the Movement.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882

1860s, Life and Letters in New England (1867)
Contexto: There are always two parties, the party of the Past and the party of the Future: the Establishment and the Movement. At times the resistance is reanimated, the schism runs under the world and appears in Literature, Philosophy, Church, State and social customs.

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„There's something wrong with a mother who washes out a measuring cup with soap and water after she's only measured water in it.“

—  Erma Bombeck When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and coul… 1927 - 1996

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Leonardo Da Vinci photo

„Just as iron rusts unless it is used, and water putrifies or, in cold, turns to ice, so our intellect spoils unless it is kept in use.“

—  Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath 1452 - 1519

XIX Philosophical Maxims. Morals. Polemics and Speculations.
Variante: Just as iron rusts from disuse... even so does inaction spoil the intellect.

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Mike Scott photo

„He did a forty-two minute
cosmic rise in future shocks“

—  Mike Scott songwriter, musician 1958

"The Return of Jimi Hendrix"
Dream Harder (1993)
Contexto: He did a forty-two minute
cosmic rise in future shocks
Star Spangled Banner
in the back of CBGB's He stopped every clock in New York state
and every heart that heard him
and time itself was beaten and confused
and fell lamb-like under the spell of his
fabulous flashing fingers He played an encore at the Bitter End
a heartburst Little Wing
even the waiters cried
and then we fell outside
and in the dusty dawn of Bleeker street
a sweet rain fell
and Jimi died.