„It is dangerous to build systemic reforms on a close association with one particular government. Systemic reforms need broad public participation and support. That is what makes them irreversible.“

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„We need… a much more competent and honest government. Economic reform and political reform must go hand in hand. Without the one there cannot be the other.“

—  Jeffrey D. Sachs American economist 1954

"The Price Of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue And Prosperity," w:Good Reads, https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/17083930-the-price-of-civilization-reawakening-american-virtue-and-prosperity

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„More and more parents are coming to realize their children are suffering at the hands of a system built to strangle any reform, any innovation, or any change.... This realization is becoming more evident as the momentum builds for an education revolution.“

—  Betsy DeVos 11th United States Secretary of Education 1958

From remarks at the American Federation of Children made in May of 2016, as quoted in "Betsy DeVos, the (Relatively Mainstream) Reformer," by Michael McShane, EducationNext (2017), Volume 17 (No. 3). http://educationnext.org/betsy-devos-relatively-mainstream-reformer-education-secretary/#.WJo0Cp2xCzE.twitter

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„No, no, no. This was the system. Wirth had invented it. It worked. And because it worked, it was irreversible.“

—  Franz Stangl Austrian-born SS officer, commandant at first Sobibór extermination camp and then Treblinka extermination camp 1908 - 1971

When asked if he could have gone against his orders. Quoted in "The Healing Wound: Experiences and Reflections on Germany" - Page 125 - by Gitta Sereny - History - 2001.

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„Religious liberty came not from the Reformation or from the sects as a whole but from particular sects...especially those which the Reformation sought to exterminate.“

—  John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton British politician and historian 1834 - 1902

Private notes, quoted in Herbert Butterfield, ‘Acton: His Training, Methods and Intellectual System’, in A. O. Sarkissian (ed.), Studies in Diplomatic History and Historiography in honour of G. P. Gooch, C.H. (1961), p. 194

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„A government which cannot be reformed does not merit to be preserved.“

—  John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton British politician and historian 1834 - 1902

Private notes, quoted in Gertrude Himmelfarb, Lord Acton: A Study in Conscience and Politics (1952), p. 74

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„Everybody keeps saying - reform, reform. The T-72 has proved itself wonderfully in Chechnya. So we will be making reform on the basis of T-72.“

—  Pavel Grachev Soviet generals 1948 - 2012

The War in Chechnya: Implications for Military Reform and Creation of Mobile Forces http://www.amina.com/article/chapter4.html.

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„In sum, social actors knowledgeably and actively use, interpret and implement rule systems. They also creatively reform and transform them. In such ways they bring about institutional innovation and transformation and shape the ‘deep structures’ of human history.“

—  Tom R. Burns American sociologist 1937

Fonte: The shaping of social organization (1987), p. ix; as cited in: Simon Guy and John Henneberry (2000) " Understanding Urban Development Processes: Integrating the Economic and the Social in Property Research http://bentboolean.com/people/mm/private/SOA/548_DS/StrataProposal/research%20doct's/world_urban/UrbanDevtProperty.pdf," Urban Studies, Vol. 37, No. 13, 2399–2416, 2000.

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