„...we do not contemplate taking any action to alter the rate of sterling in relation to other currencies, as we do not believe that this will be rendered necessary or advisable.“

Speech https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1948/jan/26/french-franc-devaluation#column_672 in the House of Commons (26 January 1948)
Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Stafford Cripps20
British politician 1889 - 1952

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„Although I am not a member of any denomination, I do believe that there is something greater than man. Some call it God, others call it something else. For me, it's about understanding that we humans are small in relation to nature, in relation to the powers that are bigger and stronger than man can ever comprehend. I find that in a church.“

—  Jens Stoltenberg Norwegian politician, 13th Secretary-General of NATO, 27th Prime Minister of Norway 1959

As quoted in "Man må tro at det nytter" http://www.bt.no/nyheter/--Man-ma-tro-at-det-nytter-2633333.html (31 December 2011), by Erik Fossen and Håvard Bjelland, BT (in Norwegian)

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„We come more and more frequently into momentary unions, or momentary relations with other parties. But these momentary relations must never become momentary alliances. We must never bind the party.“

—  Wilhelm Liebknecht German socialist politician 1826 - 1900

We must always keep our hand free; exploit the conditions; let our opponents do the dirty work for us; and with the goal of the party firmly in mind, keep in the middle of the road, and go our own way, only going along with opposing parties when our way happens to be the same as theirs. That we are a party of the class struggle, who have nothing in common with any other party, and who have to fight and conquer all other parties, in order to attain our goal, is something which we must never for a moment lose sight of.
No Compromise – No Political Trading (1899)

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„In our definition of system we noted that all systems have interrelationships between objects and between their attributes. If every part of the system is so related to every other part that any change in one aspect results in dynamic changes in all other parts of the total system, the system is said to behave as a whole or coherently.“

—  Arthur D. Hall American electrical engineer 1925 - 2006

At the other extreme is a set of parts that are completely unrelated: that is, a change in each part depends only on that part alone. The variation in the set is the physical sum of the variations of the parts. Such behavior is called independent or physical summativity.
Fonte: Definition of System, 1956, p. 23

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