„Seems like yesterday; seems like forever—all at the same time.“

Response to question on what it feels like to have been the ABC News Anchorman for 20 years.
Larry King Interview (8 September 2003)
Contexto: Seems like yesterday; seems like forever—all at the same time. It's sort of, how do you measure it? Do you measure the fact that I'm 20 years older? No. I think I measure it by the events. You know, I came just as the Cold War was coming to an end. When you think about the events that we've been through, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to, I guess you'd say, 9/11 being the culmination at the end of that — of that scope — what extraordinary changes there have been.

Peter Jennings photo
Peter Jennings
1938 - 2005

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„Everybody seems to be corrupt. In my time, we didn't have anything like this.“

—  Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysian politician 1903 - 1990

ISBN 978-983-43596-0-7
Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things [Vol I]

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„It made perfect sense, and at the same time nothing seemed to.“

—  Nicholas Sparks, livro A Walk to Remember

Variante: It all made perfect sense, and at the same time, nothing seemed to make sense at all.
Fonte: A Walk to Remember

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Cassandra Clare photo
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„It seems to me that the argument of the defendant's counsel blows hot and cold at the same time.“

—  Sir Francis Buller, 1st Baronet British judge 1746 - 1800

L'Anson v. Stuart (1787), 1 T. R. 753. Compare: ". . . . This would be blowing hot and cold". Lawrence, J., Berkeley Peerage Case (1811), 4 Camp. 412; "Hot and cold were in one body fixt; And soft with hard, and light with heavy mixt", Dryden.

„Translation: Though life seems painful, at the same time it is wonderful“

—  Ritsuko Okazaki Japanese singer 1959 - 2004

空色(Sorairo), Siki
Original: (ja) 生きるのは苦しいの  同じくらい素敵なの

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