„To act nobly, a noble heart is not enough. It needs help from a sharp mind.“

—  Leon R. Kass, Context: To act nobly, a noble heart is not enough. It needs help from a sharp mind. Though the beginnings of ethical virtue lie in habituation, starting in our youth, and though the core of moral virtue is the right-shaping of our loves and hates, by means of praise and blame, reward and punishment, the perfection of character finally requires a certain perfection of the mind.
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Leon R. Kass20
American academic 1939

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„He only has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.“

—  Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States 1809 - 1865
Original quote from William Penn (1693): They have a Right to censure, that have a Heart to help: The rest is Cruelty, not Justice.

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„Singing cannot much avail, if from within the heart comes not the song; nor can the song come from the heart, unless there be there noble love, heartfelt.“

—  Bernart de Ventadorn troubador 1125 - 1195
"Chantars no pot gaire valer", line 1; translation from Alan R. Press Anthology of Troubadour Lyric Poetry (1971) p. 67.

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„The nobly born must nobly meet his fate.“

—  Euripidés ancient Athenian playwright -480 - -406 a.C.
Alcmene, Frag. 100