„The slave system is one of constant danger, distrust, suspicion, and watchfulness.“

On the Irrepressible Conflict (1858)
Contexto: As a general truth, communities prosper and flourish, or droop and decline, in just the degree that they practise or neglect to practise the primary duties of justice and humanity. The free-labor system conforms to the divine law of equality, which is written in the hearts and consciences of man, and therefore is always and everywhere beneficent.
The slave system is one of constant danger, distrust, suspicion, and watchfulness. It debases those whose toil alone can produce wealth and resources for defence, to the lowest degree of which human nature is capable, to guard against mutiny and insurrection, and thus wastes energies which otherwise might be employed in national development and aggrandizement. The free-labor system educates all alike, and by opening all the fields of industrial employment and all the departments of authority, to the unchecked and equal rivalry of all classes of men, at once secures universal contentment, and brings into the highest possible activity all the physical, moral, and social energies of the whole state.

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Robert LeFevre photo
Nassim Nicholas Taleb photo

„Our greatest asset is the one we distrust the most: the built-in antifragility of certain risk-taking systems.“

—  Nassim Nicholas Taleb, livro Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

Fonte: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (2012), p. 171

Marcus Annaeus Lucanus photo

„The hungry slave
Brings danger to his master, not himself.“

—  Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, livro Pharsalia

Book III, line 152 (tr. E. Ridley).
Original: (la) Non sibi sed domino grauis est quae seruit egestas.

Chris Hedges photo

„The relationship between those who are constantly watched and tracked and those who watch and track them is the relationship between masters and slaves.“

—  Chris Hedges American journalist 1956

“ Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOlg_2qAbUA” (2014)

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Aristotle photo

„Those who cannot face danger like men are the slaves of any invader.“

—  Aristotle, livro Política

Book VII, 15, 1334a
Original: (el) οἱ ... μὴ δυνάμενοι κινδυνεύειν ἀνδρείως δοῦλοι τῶν ἐπιόντων εἰσίν.

George Soros photo
John Kenneth Galbraith photo

„If the state is the executive committee of the great corporation and the planning system, it is partly because neoclassical economics is its instrument for neutralizing the suspicion that this is so.“

—  John Kenneth Galbraith American economist and diplomat 1908 - 2006

Power and the Useful Economist (1973)
Contexto: This is what economics now does. It tells the young and susceptible (and also the old and vulnerable) that economic life has no content of power and politics because the firm is safely subordinate to the market and the state and for this reason it is safely at the command of the consumer and citizen. Such an economics is not neutral. It is the influential and invaluable ally of those whose exercise of power depends on an acquiescent public. If the state is the executive committee of the great corporation and the planning system, it is partly because neoclassical economics is its instrument for neutralizing the suspicion that this is so.

Frank Herbert photo

„It is the systems themselves that I see as dangerous.“

—  Frank Herbert American writer 1920 - 1986

Dune Genesis (1980)
Contexto: Don't give over all of your critical faculties to people in power, no matter how admirable those people may appear to be. Beneath the hero's facade you will find a human being who makes human mistakes. Enormous problems arise when human mistakes are made on the grand scale available to a superhero. And sometimes you run into another problem.
It is demonstrable that power structures tend to attract people who want power for the sake of power and that a significant proportion of such people are imbalanced — in a word, insane. … Heroes are painful, superheroes are a catastrophe. The mistakes of superheroes involve too many of us in disaster.
It is the systems themselves that I see as dangerous.

Idries Shah photo

„One cannot learn from someone whom one distrusts.“

—  Idries Shah writer and Sufi teacher 1924 - 1996

Fonte: Sufi Thought and Action

François-Noël Babeuf photo

„Feudalism is but a system of Slaves and Tyrants; my country, desiring to be free, can no longer preserve anything in this system.“

—  François-Noël Babeuf French political agitator and journalist of the French Revolutionary period 1760 - 1797

La féodalité n'est qu'un système d'Esclaves et de Tyrans; ma patrie veut-être libre, ne peut plus rien conserver dans ce qui tient à ce système.
[in Gracchus Babeuf avec les Egaux, Jean-Marc Shiappa, Les éditions ouvrières, 1991, 38, 27082 2892-7]
On feudalism

James Bovard photo

„Citizens should distrust politicians who distrust freedom.“

—  James Bovard American journalist 1956

From Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice and Peace to Rid the World of Evil (Palgrave, 2003) http://www.jimbovard.com/Epigrams%20page%20Terrorism%20&%20Tyranny.htm

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“