„I'm not pushing to have [ ID ] taught as an alternative to Darwin, and neither are they...“

—  George Gilder, Context: I'm not pushing to have [ ID ] taught as an alternative to Darwin, and neither are they... What’s being pushed is to have Darwinism critiqued, to teach there’s a controversy. Intelligent design itself does not have any content... Much of what I've written about has been in reaction to the materialist superstition, the belief that the universe is a purely material phenomenon that can be reduced to physical and chemical laws. It's a concept that's infected the social sciences as well. Replies when he asked the reasons why he supported the Intelligent Design movement, in his interview with the Boston Globe (27 July 2005)

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Robert Jordan photo
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Marie Curie photo

„I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.“

—  Marie Curie French-Polish physicist and chemist 1867 - 1934
Java Connector Architecture: Building Custom Connectors and Adapters‎ (2002) by Atul Apte, p. 69

William Shakespeare photo
Sigmund Freud photo

„Where id is, there shall ego be.“

—  Sigmund Freud, The Ego and the Id
The Anatomy of the Mental Personality (Lecture 31)

Nigel Farage photo

„I'm not for sale, neither is UKIP.“

—  Nigel Farage British politician and former commodity broker 1964
Quote by Nigel Farage on rumours that the Conservative party should have a pact with UKIP, 27 November 2012 - Nigel Farage: 'I'm not for sale, neither is UKIP' http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/360871

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„Canis meus id comedit.
My dog ate it.“

—  Henry N. Beard American writer, co-founder and editor of National Lampoon 1945

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Raymond Chandler photo
Charlton Heston photo

„I'm neither giving up nor giving in.“

—  Charlton Heston American actor 1923 - 2008
Context: I'm neither giving up nor giving in. I believe I'm still the fighter that Dr. King and JFK and Ronald Reagan knew. But it's a fight I must someday call a draw. I must reconcile courage and surrender in equal measure.

Richard Dawkins photo

„There are people in the world who desperately want not to have to believe in Darwinism.“

—  Richard Dawkins English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author 1941
Chapter 9 “Puncturing Punctuationism” (p. 250)