„Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane.“

—  Kevin Spacey, On the character "Prot", in the movie K-PAX; Premiere magazine (September 2001)
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„When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.“

—  Robert M. Pirsig, livro Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Disputed, This is attributed to Pirsig by Richard Dawkins in the Preface to The God Delusion (2006), p. 28, but cannot be found prior to that. It is obviously a paraphrase of the following from Pirsig's Lila - An Inquiry Into Morals (1991): „An insane delusion can't be held by a group at all. A person isn't considered insane if there are a number of people who believe the same way. Insanity isn't supposed to be a communicable disease. If one other person starts to believe him, or maybe two or three, then it's a religion." ( books.google http://books.google.de/books?id=51i6WkGn6qYC&q=%22An+insane+delusion%22; books.google http://books.google.de/books?id=WZtRAQAAQBAJ&pg=PA426)

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„Sometimes I wonder if it does exist such a thing called personality.“

—  Giovanni Morassutti Italian actor, theatre director and cultural entrepreneur. 1980
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„It is necessary to have regard to the person whom we wish to persuade, of whom we must know the mind and the heart“

—  Blaise Pascal French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and Christian philosopher 1623 - 1662
The Art of Persuasion, Context: It is necessary to have regard to the person whom we wish to persuade, of whom we must know the mind and the heart, what principles he acknowledges, what things he loves; and then observe in the thing in question what affinity it has with the acknowledged principles, or with the objects so delightful by the pleasure which they give him.

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„A demagogue is a person with whom we disagree as to which gang should mismanage the country.“

—  Don Marquis American writer 1878 - 1937
As quoted in O Rare Don Marquis, a Biography, by Edward Anthony (1962), Ch. 11

„If there is any person to whom you feel a dislike, that is the person of whom you ought never to speak.“

—  Richard Cecil (clergyman) British Evangelical Anglican priest and social reformer 1748 - 1810
Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 214.

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„The person recounting here and now what he saw and what happened to him then is not the same person who saw those things and to whom those things happened.“

—  Javier Marías Spanish writer 1951
Todas las Almas [All Souls] (1989), El que aquí cuenta lo que vio y le ocurrió no es aquel que lo vio y al que le ocurrió. p. 3

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„There is no man who hates the power of the crown more, or who has a worse opinion of the Person to whom it belongs than I.“

—  Charles James Fox British Whig statesman 1749 - 1806
1770s, Letter to Edmund Burke (24 January 1779), quoted in L. G. Mitchell, Charles James Fox (London: Penguin, 1997), p. 41.

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