„Nohow less. Nohow worse. Nohow naught. Nohow on.“

—  Samuel Beckett, livro Worstward Ho

Worstward Ho (1983)
Contexto: Enough. Sudden enough. Sudden all far. No move and sudden all far. All least. Three pins. One pinhole. In dimmost dim. Vasts apart. At bounds of boundless void. Whence no farther. Best worse no farther. Nohow less. Nohow worse. Nohow naught. Nohow on.

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Samuel Beckett photo
Samuel Beckett16
1906 - 1989

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„Don't take life so serious, son, it ain't nohow permanent.“

—  Walt Kelly American cartoonist 1913 - 1973

Pogo comic strip (1948 - 1975), Porky Pine

„Naught venture naught have.“

—  Thomas Tusser English poet 1524 - 1580

"October's Abstract". Compare: "Naught venture naught have", John Heywood, Proverbes, Part I, Chapter XI.
A Hundred Points of Good Husbandry (1557)

James Bovard photo

„The worse government fails, the less privacy citizens supposedly deserve.“

—  James Bovard American journalist 1956

From Terrorism & Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice and Peace to Rid the World of Evil (Palgrave, 2003) http://www.jimbovard.com/Epigrams%20page%20Terrorism%20&%20Tyranny.htm

Thomas Carlyle photo

„All greatness is unconscious, or it is little and naught.“

—  Thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher 1795 - 1881

1830s, Sir Walter Scott (1838)

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Josiah Gilbert Holland photo
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Václav Havel photo

„The law is only one of several imperfect and more or less external ways of defending what is better in life against what is worse.“

—  Václav Havel, livro The Power of the Powerless

Living in Truth (1986), The Power of the Powerless
Contexto: The law is only one of several imperfect and more or less external ways of defending what is better in life against what is worse. By itself, the law can never create anything better... Establishing respect for the law does not automatically ensure a better life for that, after all, is a job for people and not for laws and institutions.

Frank Zappa photo
James Van Der Beek photo

„If a rumor comes out that I’m gay, I could care less. There are so many worse things that they could be saying.“

—  James Van Der Beek actor 1977

CinemaSource: James Van Der Beek Interview: Dan Deevy, January 28, 2008 http://www.thecinemasource.com/blog/interviews/james-van-der-beek-interview-for-the-rules-of-attraction/

Robert Burton photo

„All my joys to this are folly
Naught so sweet as melancholy.“

—  Robert Burton, livro The Anatomy of Melancholy

The Author's Abstract.
The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621)

Winston S. Churchill photo

„…live dangerously; take things as they come; dread naught, all will be well.“

—  Winston S. Churchill Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1874 - 1965

My New York Misadventure, The Daily Mail, 4 and 5 January 1932
Reproduced in The Collected Essays of Sir Winston Churchill, Vol IV, Churchill at Large, Centenary Edition (1976), Library of Imperial History, p. 94. ISBN 0903988453
The 1930s

Felicia Hemans photo
Henry Lee III photo

„Fame in arms or art, however conspicuous, is naught, unless bottomed in virtue.“

—  Henry Lee III American politician, governor and representative 1756 - 1818

Letter to his son, Charles Carter Lee, as quoted in R.E.Lee: A Biography (1934) by Douglas Southall Freeman, Vol. I, p.32.

Franklin D. Roosevelt photo

„Prophets of the downfall of American democracy have seen their dire predictions come to naught.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945

1940s, Third Inaugural Address (1941)
Contexto: For action has been taken within the three-way framework of the Constitution of the United States. The coordinate branches of the Government continue freely to function. The Bill of Rights remains inviolate. The freedom of elections is wholly maintained. Prophets of the downfall of American democracy have seen their dire predictions come to naught.

Aeschylus photo

„For stubborness, if one be in the wrong,
Is in itself weaker than naught at all.“

—  Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

Original: (el) Αὐθαδία γὰρ τῷ φρονοῦντι μὴ καλῶς
αὐτὴ καθ' αὑτὴν οὐδενὸς μεῖζον σθένει.
Fonte: Prometheus Bound, lines 1012–1013 (tr. G. M. Cookson)

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“