„We preferred our own way of living. We were no expense to the government. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone.“

—  Cavalo Louco, Context: My friend, I do not blame you for this. Had I listened to you this trouble would not have happened to me. I was not hostile to the white men. Sometimes my young men would attack the Indians who were their enemies and took their ponies. They did it in return. We had buffalo for food, and their hides for clothing and for our tepees. We preferred hunting to a life of idleness on the reservation, where we were driven against our will. At times we did not get enough to eat and we were not allowed to leave the reservation to hunt. We preferred our own way of living. We were no expense to the government. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone. Soldiers were sent out in the winter, they destroyed our villages. The "Long Hair" [Custer] came in the same way. They say we massacred him, but he would have done the same thing to us had we not defended ourselves and fought to the last. Our first impulse was to escape with our squaws and papooses, but we were so hemmed in that we had to fight. After that I went up on the Tongue River with a few of my people and lived in peace. But the government would not let me alone. Finally, I came back to the Red Cloud Agency. Yet, I was not allowed to remain quiet. I was tired of fighting. I went to the Spotted Tail Agency and asked that chief and his agent to let me live there in peace. I came here with the agent [Lee] to talk with the Big White Chief but was not given a chance. They tried to confine me. I tried to escape, and a soldier ran his bayonet into me. I have spoken. As quoted in Literature of the American Indian (1973) by Thomas Edward Sanders and Walter W. Peek, p. 294
Cavalo Louco photo
Cavalo Louco
1840 - 1877

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„There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.“

—  Edwin Markham American poet 1852 - 1940
Context: There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone: All that we send into the lives of others Comes back onto our own. I care not what his temples or his creeds, One thing holds firm and fast That into his fateful heap of days and deeds The soul of man is cast. "A Creed To Mr. David Lubin", stanza 1, LINCOLN & Other Poems (1901), page 25.

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„Sometimes we live no particular way but our own“

—  Robert Hunter American musician 1941 - 2019
Song lyrics, (1973), "Eyes of the World"

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„If we sold our lands to the Government, this is the way they were bought.“

—  Chief Joseph Nez Percé Chieftain 1840 - 1904
Context: In the treaty councils the commissioners have claimed that our country had been sold to the Government. Suppose a white man should come to me and say, "Joseph, I like your horses, and I want to buy them." I say to him, "No, my horses suit me, I will not sell them." Then he goes to my neighbor, and says to him: "Joseph has some good horses. I want to buy them, but he refuses to sell." My neighbor answers, "Pay me the money, and I will sell you Joseph's horses." The white man returns to me and says, "Joseph, I have bought your horses, and you must let me have them." If we sold our lands to the Government, this is the way they were bought. Arguing against the right of the US Government to force his people to leave their lands (1876)

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„We do not want to harm any human being, not even our worst enemy. Our walk of life is to live in truth and righteousness of God, in peace and unity. … If all the world were like us there would be no war and no injustice.“

—  Jacob Hutter Tyrolean Anabaptist leader and founder of the Hutterites 1500 - 1536
Letter to Governer Kuna von Kunstadt, as reported in William Roscoe Estep, The Anabaptist Story (1996), p. 133

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