„In this stage the Lord leads a person out of himself into himself“

—  Johann Tauler, Context: When our Lord has prepared a person in this unbearable state of misery - for this prepares him much better than all the spiritual practices that all people might be able to accomplish - then our Lord comes and leads him to the third stage. In this stage the Lord removes the cloak from his eyes and reveals the truth to him. Bright sunshine appears and lifts him right out of all his misery. It seems to this person just as though the Lord had raised him from the dead. In this stage the Lord leads a person out of himself into himself. He makes him forget all his former loneliness and heals all his wounds. God How can reason possibly grasp that immensity beyond all being where the precious food of the Eucharist is made one with us, drawing us wholly to itself and changing us into itself?... This food of love draws the soul above distinction or difference, beyond resemblance to divine unity draws the person out of his human mode into a divine mode, out of all misery into divine security. Here a person becomes so divinized that everything he is and does God does and is in him. And he is lifted up so far above his natural state that he becomes through Grace what God in his essence is by nature. In this state a person feels and is aware that he has lost himself and does not at all feel himself or is he aware of himself. He is aware of nothing but one simple Being.
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Johann Tauler
1300 - 1361

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“Selected Aphorisms from the Athenaeum (1798)”, Dialogue on Poetry and Literary Aphorisms, Ernst Behler and Roman Struc, trans. (Pennsylvania University Press:1968) #63

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„A person who is going to commit an inhuman act invariably excuses himself to himself by saying, "I'm only human, after all."“

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