„Paul quotes none of the miracles of the New Testament.“

—  Robert Green Ingersoll, Context: There is also this remarkable fact: Paul quotes none of the miracles of the New Testament. He says not one word about the multitude being fed miraculously, not one word about the resurrection of Lazarus, nor of the widow’s son. He had never heard of the lame, the halt, and the blind that had been cured; or if he had, he did not think these incidents of enough importance to be embalmed in an epistle.

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„Study the old masters. Look at nature. Watch out for armpits'. [in 1956, Reinhardt is quoting Paul Cézanne here freely]“

—  Ad Reinhardt American painter 1913 - 1967
In: Pax, no. 13, 1960; as quoted in Abstract Expressionism: Creators and Critics, ed. Clifford Ross, Abrahams Publishers, New York 1990, p. 150

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„title of Goya's undated 80 etchings, 1808 - 1814; as quoted by Robert Hughes, in: Goya. Borzoi Book - Alfred Knopf, New York, 2003, p. 272“

—  Francisco De Goya Spanish painter and printmaker (1746–1828) 1746 - 1828
the official title of Goya's series of 80 undated etchings he started to make in 1808 on the Peninsular War between France and Spain (1808-1814); most war activities and cruelties took place in Spain. None of these etchings were printed in Goya's lifetime.

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„Quote from Rembrandt's 5th letter to Constantijn Huygens (Amsterdam, 27 January 1639), as cited in The Rembrandt Documents, Walter Strauss & Marjon van der Meulen - Abaris Books, New York 1979, p. 167.“

—  Rembrandt van rijn Dutch 17th century painter and etcher 1606 - 1669
What Rembrandt is referring to is a little painting he sent Huygens as a gift together with his letter. This quote clarifies Rembrandt's option about the light and distance, necessary for showing his painting and its colors in the right way.