„Are these goals realistic and within reach? I do believe they are.“

—  Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel lecture (2005), Context: Are these goals realistic and within reach? I do believe they are. But then three steps are urgently required. First, keep nuclear and radiological material out of the hands of extremist groups. … we are in a race against time. Second, tighten control over the operations for producing the nuclear material that could be used in weapons. Under the current system, any country has the right to master these operations for civilian uses. But in doing so, it also masters the most difficult steps in making a nuclear bomb. To overcome this, I am hoping that we can make these operations multinational — so that no one country can have exclusive control over any such operation.... Third, accelerate disarmament efforts. We still have eight or nine countries who possess nuclear weapons. We still have 27,000 warheads in existence. I believe this is 27,000 too many.

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„We are getting closer to this goal. When we will reach it, I do not know.“

—  Otto Lilienthal German aviation pioneer 1848 - 1896
Context: I, too, have made it a lifelong task of mine to add a cultural element to my work, which should result in uniting countries and reconciling their people. Our experience of today's civilisation suffers from the fact that it only happens on the surface of the earth. We have invented barricades between our countries, custom regulations and constraints and complicated traffic laws and these are only possible because we are not in control of the 'kingdom of the air', and not as 'free as a bird'. Numerous technicians in every state are doing their utmost to achieve the dream of free, unlimited flight and it is precisely here where changes can be made which would have a radical effect on our whole way of life. The borders between countries would lose their significance, because they could not be closed off from each other. Linguistic differences would disappear, as human mobility increased. National defence would cease to devour the best resources of nations as it would become impossible in itself. And the necessity of resolving disagreements among nations in some other way than by bloody battles would, in its turn, lead us to eternal peace. We are getting closer to this goal. When we will reach it, I do not know. Letter to Moritz von Egidy (c. January 1894) - Original German text online http://www.lilienthal-museum.de/olma/l1852.htm

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„I take great satisfaction in seeing people and organizations achieve goals they might have originally believed to be beyond their reach.“

—  Don W. Wilson Archivist of the United States 1942
As quoted in e-Study Guide for: American Government and Politics Today Google Books http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=suExAgAAQBAJ&pg=PT51&dq=%22I+take+great+satisfaction+in+seeing+people+and+organizations+achieve+goals+they+might+have+originally+believed+to+be+beyond+their+reach%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=i0iDU8G8BMix0AW17IDgDw&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22I%20take%20great%20satisfaction%20in%20seeing%20people%20and%20organizations%20achieve%20goals%20they%20might%20have%20originally%20believed%20to%20be%20beyond%20their%20reach%22&f=false

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„I score a lot of goals that are hard to replicate. I don't think that you can score as spectacular a goal as those of Zlatan in a video game - even though these games are very realistic these days.“

—  Zlatan Ibrahimović Swedish association football player 1981
Attributed, On his goals which are too good to be recreated on games consoles http://www.insideworldsoccer.com/2013/12/you-cant-copy-zlatan-ibrahimovic-goals-even-in-video-games.html.

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„Although many believe that technology automatically enables more realistic expression, I believe that is just not correct.“

—  Satoru Iwata Japanese video game programmer and businessman 1959 - 2015
Profile: Satoru Iwata, 2007-03-03, IGN, p. 3 http://cube.ign.com/articles/530/530986p3.html,

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Zig Ziglar photo
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„In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.“

—  David Ben-Gurion Israeli politician, Zionist leader, prime minister of Israel 1886 - 1973
Interview on CBS, (5 October 1956) Variant: Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles isn't a realist. As quoted in Israel : Years of Crisis Years of Hope (1973) by Roman Frister, p. 45

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