„I've never had any other loving heartfelt desire. From the minute I heard music I knew why I was born.“

—  Julie Gold, Context: I've never had any other loving heartfelt desire. From the minute I heard music I knew why I was born. To make music to play to listen to music, and for some reason I have been lucky enough to llive this beautiful life as a musicisan. I don't know. I love all things "nature". I'm an animal lover, but I don't have the smarts to be a vet, or the heart to have been a vet cause I cry over any wounded animal. … I might have been maybe a zoo keeper helping feed the animals. Feeding or petting the big cats or whatever. I don't know what else I would have done, because I love music too much. For anyone who has that calling and is trying also to make a living at it, it is really hard. Getting gigs and getting listened to. Getting respect, it's hard. Its what bonds us all because we have been so rejected and dejected. Yet we know in our hearts why we are here. Asked what she might be if she were not a musician, in an interview with Angela Page on Folk Plus WJFF Radio (24 June 2000) http://www.wjffradio.org/FolkPlus/interviews/Gold.html
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Julie Gold5
American musician 1956

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„I have heard the mavis singing
Its love-song to the morn;
I've seen the dew-drop clinging
To the rose just newly born.“

—  Charles Jefferys British music publisher 1807 - 1865
Mary of Argyle, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„There are people who would never be in love had they not heard [others] speak of love“

—  François de La Rochefoucauld French author of maxims and memoirs 1613 - 1680
Maxim 136. Variant translations: People would never fall in love if they hadn’t heard love talked about. There are some people who would never have fallen in love if they had not heard there was such a thing.

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„I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music.“

—  Pelé Brazilian association football player 1940
Quoted in Parton Keese, The measure of greatness (1980)