„I've never met the man; he came out of me. I’d feel a lot easier if I’d met him and imitated him, as a matter of fact.“

—  Peter Cook

As quoted in Daily Express (7 February 1967), and in Tragically I Was an Only Twin : The Complete Peter Cook (2002) by William Cook, p. 58
Contexto: I drift very easily into becoming E. L. Wisty. I’ve always felt very closely identified with that sort of personality. He is a completely lost creature, he never works, never moves, has no background and suspects everybody is peering at him and trying to get his secrets out of him. I've never met the man; he came out of me. I’d feel a lot easier if I’d met him and imitated him, as a matter of fact.

Peter Cook photo
Peter Cook
1937 - 1995

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Amos glanced around the ruins and shrugged. “That’s got a lot to do with context, I guess.”
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Marie Windsor: Her Face Is Familiar https://www.newspapers.com/clip/5496065/lubbock_avalanchejournal/ (April 11, 1973)

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