„:Even an obvious lie“

Octavia E. Butler photo
Octavia E. Butler
Escritora afro-americana de ficção científica. 1947 - 2006

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James A. Garfield photo

„It is not manly to lie even about Satan.“

—  James A. Garfield American politician, 20th President of the United States (in office in 1881) 1831 - 1881

José Saramago photo

„That it’s possible not to see a lie even when it’s in front of us.“

—  José Saramago Portuguese writer and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature 1928 - 2008
p. 210

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Jerry Brown photo

„We are in a degenerate state of self-government. In fact, even to use the words self-government, is not only an exaggeration, it's a lie. It's a big lie!“

—  Jerry Brown American politician/lawyer and current governor of California 1938
Speaking to the International Transpersonal Association Conference in Santa Clara, California, 10 June 1995.

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„You women could make someone fall in love even with a lie.“

—  Georg Büchner German dramatist and writer of poetry and prose 1813 - 1837
Act I.

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„She hated to lie but she hated arguments even more.“

—  Jane Yolen American speculative fiction and children's writer 1939
Chapter 16 (p. 93)

Mark Twain photo

„He was ignorant of the commonest accomplishments of youth. He could not even lie.“

—  Mark Twain American author and humorist 1835 - 1910
"Brief Biographical Sketch of George Washington", The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other Sketches http://books.google.com/books?id=kqMDAAAAQAAJ (1867), ed. John Paul Cited by: William E. Phipps, Mark Twain's Religion https://books.google.nl/books?id=y8e2zLpDngQC&pg=PA18&dq=%22+He+was+ignorant+of+the+commonest+accomplishments+of+youth.+He+could+not+even+lie%22&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjVpM31tsbMAhXFshQKHZ32Ci0Q6AEIJTAB#v=onepage&q=%22%20He%20was%20ignorant%20of%20the%20commonest%20accomplishments%20of%20youth.%20He%20could%20not%20even%20lie%22&f=false, Mercer University Press, 2003, p. 18</br> Richard Locke, Critical Children: The Use of Childhood in Ten Great Novels https://books.google.nl/books?id=38erAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA12&dq=%22+He+was+ignorant+of+the+commonest+accomplishments+of+youth.+He+could+not+even+lie%22&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjVpM31tsbMAhXFshQKHZ32Ci0Q6AEIPTAE#v=onepage&q=%22%20He%20was%20ignorant%20of%20the%20commonest%20accomplishments%20of%20youth.%20He%20could%20not%20even%20lie%22&f=false, Columbia University Press, p. 12

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