„No wonder you've so few friends; you're unbelievable!“

—  Peter Cook, Context: All right, you great git, you've asked for it. I'll cover the world in Tastee-Freez and Wimpy Burgers. I'll fill it with concrete runways, motorways, aircraft, television, automobiles, advertising, plastic flowers, frozen food and supersonic bangs. I'll make it so noisy and disgusting that even you'll be ashamed of yourself! No wonder you've so few friends; you're unbelievable! To God.
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Peter Cook
1937 - 1995

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„You've got to gather yourself, you've got to give the speech, go see the Governor-General, do all of that. And then you get to have a few drinks with friends, so that's not that hard.“

—  Julia Gillard Australian politician and lawyer, 27th Prime Minister of Australia 1961
Gillard lists the events which followed her loss to Rudd in the June 2013 Labor Party leadership spill

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„If those are your friends, you've got no need for enemies.“

—  E. Lockhart, The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver

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