„Promise me you wont never hurt nobody unless its absolute a must, unless you jist have to do it.“

—  James Jones, Context: "A deathbed promise is the most sacred one there is," she hawked at him from the lungs that were almost, but not quite, filled up yet, "and I want you to make me this promise on my deathbed: Promise me you wont never hurt nobody unless its absolute a must, unless you jist have to do it." "I promise you," he vowed to her, still waiting for the angels to appear. "Are you afraid?" he said. "Give me your hand on it, boy. It is a deathbed promise, and you'll never break it." "Yes maam," he said, giving her his hand, drawing it back quickly, afraid to touch the death he saw in her, unable to find anything beautiful or edifying or spiritually uplifting in this return to God. He watched a while longer for signs of immortality. No angels came, however, there was no earthquake, no cataclysm, and it was not until he had thought it over often this first death that he had had a part in that he discovered the single uplifting thing about it, that being the fact that in this last great period of fear her thought had been upon his future, rather than her own. He wondered often after that about his own death, how it would come, how it would feel, what it would be like to know that this breath, now, was the last one. It was hard to accept that he, who was the hub of this known universe, would cease to exist, but it was an inevitability and he did not shun it. He only hoped that he would meet it with the same magnificent indifference with which she who had been his mother met it. Because it was there, he felt, that the immortality he had not seen was hidden.
James Jones
1921 - 1977

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„I love him (Josh Homme) too much, and you can't hurt someone that you love that much... unless you're family.“

—  Jack White American musician and record producer 1975
Rolling Stone video interview of The Dead Weather (beginning at 1:50) "The Dead Weather Muse on the Future of Music, Supergroup War" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Llw9S1hMZ4s, Rolling Stone, April 17, 2010. Retrieved on January 5, 2015.

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