„The theory of the "expanding universe" might also be called the theory of the "shrinking atom".“

—  Arthur Stanley Eddington, The Expanding Universe (1933), Context: All change is relative. The universe is expanding relatively to our common material standards; our material standards are shrinking relatively to the size of the universe. The theory of the "expanding universe" might also be called the theory of the "shrinking atom". <...>

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„It is also in theory, conceivable that some universal empire some day might cover the whole globe, leaving no external "barbarians" to serve as invaders.“

—  Carroll Quigley American historian 1910 - 1977
The Evolution of Civilizations (1961) (Second Edition 1979), Chapter 5, Historical Change in Civilizations, p. 163

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„Inflation is a prequel to the conventional Big Bang theory. …It does provide a theory of the propulsion that drove the universe into this humungous episode of expansion which we call the Big Bang.“

—  Alan Guth American theoretical physicist and cosmologist 1947
The Early Universe (2012), Lecture 1: Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse? Part I.

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„Government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton.“

—  Woodrow Wilson American politician, 28th president of the United States (in office from 1913 to 1921) 1856 - 1924
1910s, The New Freedom (1913), Section II: “What Is Progress?”, p. 47

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„The quantum theory of parallel universes is not the problem, it is the solution.“

—  David Deutsch British physicist 1953
The Fabric of Reality (1997), Context: The quantum theory of parallel universes is not the problem, it is the solution. It is not some troublesome, optional interpretation emerging from arcane theoretical considerations. It is the explanation—the only one that is tenable—of a remarkable and counter-intuitive reality. Ch. 2

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„Torah is an ever-expanding universe“

—  Jeffrey Cohen 1940
500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah (Vallentine Mitchell, 2005, ISBN 0-85303-676-4, Preface, p. ix

„The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.“

—  Muriel Rukeyser poet and political activist 1913 - 1980
The Speed of Darkness (1968), "The Speed of Darkness"; this line is sometimes misquoted as "The Universe is made of stories not atoms."

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