„King subpoened the nation's conscience. He was killed for it.“

—  Bill Moyers, Context: [Martin Luther] King subpoened the nation's conscience. He was killed for it. "Help", speech to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (3 March 2007), in Moyers on Democracy (2008), p. 111

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William Shakespeare photo
Alexander the Great photo

„A king does not kill messengers.“

—  Alexander the Great King of Macedon -356 - -323 a.C.
Context: Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers. As quoted in the Historia Alexandri Magni of Pseudo-Kallisthenes, 1.37.9-13

Ray Comfort photo
James Dobson photo

„KING: There's a lot of killing in the name of Christ in history.“

—  James Dobson Evangelical Christian psychologist, author, and radio broadcaster. 1936

Mel Brooks photo

„Sheriff of Rotingham King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!“

—  Mel Brooks American director, writer, actor, and producer 1926

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Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel photo

„Like the Roman senators, true artists are a nation of kings.“

—  Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel German poet, critic and scholar 1772 - 1829
“Ideas,” Lucinde and the Fragments, P. Firchow, trans. (1991), § 114

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 Epictetus photo
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