„It is an old remark, that as men are, such they paint their gods“

—  James Anthony Froude, livro The Nemesis of Faith

Fragments of Markham's notes
The Nemesis of Faith (1849)
Contexto: It is an old remark, that as men are, such they paint their gods; and as in themselves the passionate, or demonic nature, long preponderated, so the gods they worshipped were demons like themselves, jealous, capricious, exacting, revengeful, the figures which fill the old mythologies, and appear partly in the Old Testament. They feared them as they feared the powerful of their own race, and sought to propitiate them by similar offerings and services.
Go on, and now we find ourselves on a third stage; but now fast rising into a clearing atmosphere. The absolute worth of goodness is seen as distinct from power; such beings as these demon gods could not he the highest beings. Good and evil could not coexist in one Supreme; absolutely different in nature, they could not have a common origin; the moral world is bipolar, and we have dualism, the two principles, coeternal, coequal.
By and by, again, the horizon widens. The ultimate identity of might and right glimmers out feebly in the Zenda Vesta as the stars come out above the mountains when we climb out of the mist of the valleys. The evil spirit is no longer the absolute independent Ahriman; but Ahriman and Ormuzd are but each a dependent spirit; and an awful formless, boundless figure, the eternal, the illimitable, looms out from the abyss behind them, presently to degrade still farther the falling Ahriman into a mere permitted Satan, finally to be destroyed.

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John Ruskin photo
Claude Monet photo

„Zaandam is particularly remarkable and there is enough here to paint for a life-time.“

—  Claude Monet French impressionist painter 1840 - 1926

Quote of 1871, in Monet's letter to Camille Pissarro, 2 June 1871; as cited in Van Gogh Museum Journal 2001 http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/_van012200101_01/_van012200101_01_0012.php Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 2001. p. 140
1870 - 1890

Democritus photo

„Now as of old the gods give men all good things, excepting only those that are baneful and injurious and useless. These, now as of old, are not gifts of the gods: men stumble into them themselves because of their own blindness and folly.“

—  Democritus Ancient Greek philosopher, pupil of Leucippus, founder of the atomic theory

Source Book in Ancient Philosophy (1907), The Golden Sayings of Democritus

Rudyard Kipling photo
Aldous Huxley photo
Alexander Pope photo

„When men grow virtuous in their old age, they only make a sacrifice to God of the devil's leavings.“

—  Alexander Pope eighteenth century English poet 1688 - 1744

Thoughts on Various Subjects (1727)

„My painting represents the victory of the forces of darkness and peace over the powers of light and evil. [1957, reacting on a remark of Picasso ]“

—  Ad Reinhardt American painter 1913 - 1967

1956 - 1967
Fonte: Pax, no. 13, 1960; as quoted in Abstract Expressionism: Creators and Critics, ed. Clifford Ross, Abrahams Publishers, New York 1990, p. 151

Ray Comfort photo
Pearl S.  Buck photo

„There was an old abbot in one temple and he said something of which I think often and it was this, that when men destroy their old gods they will find new ones to take their place.“

—  Pearl S. Buck American writer 1892 - 1973

As quoted in The Quotable Woman (1978) by Elaine T Partnow, p. 226. "When men destroy their old gods they will find new ones to take their place" has sometimes been quoted as her original statement, though she states that she herself is quoting an abbot.

Lillian Hellman photo

„Old paint on a canvas, as it ages, sometimes becomes transparent.“

—  Lillian Hellman, livro Pentimento

Pentimento: A Book of Portraits (1973), Introduction
Contexto: Old paint on a canvas, as it ages, sometimes becomes transparent. When that happens it is possible, in some pictures, to see the original lines: a tree will show through a woman's dress, a child makes way for a dog, a large boat is no longer on an open sea. That is called pentimento because the painter "repented," changed his mind. Perhaps it would be as well to say that the old conception, replaced by a later choice, is a way of seeing and then seeing again. That is all I mean about the people in this book. The paint has aged and I wanted to see what was there for me once, what is there for me now.

George Chapman photo

„Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.“

—  George Chapman, All Fools

Act V, scene i.
All Fools (1605)

Sophocles photo
Ogden Nash photo

„People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.“

—  Ogden Nash American poet 1902 - 1971

"Old Men"
Many Long Years Ago (1945)
Contexto: People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.
Old men are different. People look
At them with eyes that wonder when...
People watch with unshocked eyes;
But the old men know when an old man dies.

Camille Pissarro photo

„Lighten your palette [his remark to Cézanne circa 1873, to encourage Cézanne to use bright colors], paint only with the three primary colours and their derivatives.“

—  Camille Pissarro French painter 1830 - 1903

As quoted in Cezanne his Life and Art, Jack Linssey, – Evelyn, Adams and Mackay, London, 1969, p. 154-55
Pissarro 'guided' the wild Cézanne for a few years in painting landscape; for a decade or so in the mid-19th century they often worked side by side and influenced each other

James K. Morrow photo

„Curse God, and die. To George it seemed like remarkably sage and relevant advice.“

—  James K. Morrow (1947-) science fiction author 1947

Fonte: This Is the Way the World Ends (1986), Chapter 6, “In Which a Sea Captain, a General, a Therapist, and a Man of God Enter the Tale” (p. 61)

„[In the past] women painted women: w:Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, [[w:Mary Cassatt|Mary Cassatt], and so forth... And I thought, men always painted the opposite sex, and I wanted to paint men as sex objects.“

—  Elaine de Kooning American painter 1918 - 1989

In the exhibition's catalog book 'Elaine de Kooning Portraits' - Brandon Fortune quotes Elaine de Kooning, telling scholar Ann Gibson in 1987; - - read more http://newmexicomercury.com/blog/comments/elaine_de_kooning_paints_a_portrait#sthash.LLVWii3U.dpuf
1972 - 1989

Rembrandt van rijn photo

„Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God.“

—  Rembrandt van rijn Dutch 17th century painter and etcher 1606 - 1669

As quoted in Rembrandt Drawings (1975) by Paul Némo, as translated by David Macrae
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Augustus photo

„Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.“

—  Augustus founder of Julio-Claudian dynasty and first emperor of the Roman Empire -63 - 14 a.C.

„Happy painting and God Bless, my friend.“

—  Bob Ross American painter, art instructor, and television host 1942 - 1995

Ken Tucker (2006) Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate about TV, Macmillan: ISBN 0312330588, p. 155.

Rembrandt van rijn photo

„A painting is complete when it has the shadows of a god.“

—  Rembrandt van rijn Dutch 17th century painter and etcher 1606 - 1669

Statement attributed to Rembrandt in early biographies, as quoted in The Rise of the Cult of Rembrandt: Reinventing an Old Master in Nineteenth-Century France (2003) by Alison MacQueen
This quote is not to find in the source, Rise of the Cult of Rembrandt: Reinventing an Old Master in Nineteenth-Century France, 2003,p. 287 https://books.google.nl/books?id=N0dVqAsR5k0C&pg=PA292&lpg=PA292&dq=The+Rise+of+the+Cult+of+Rembrandt:+Reinventing+an+Old+Master+in+Nineteenth-century+France&source=bl&ots=SgL2TN2Xct&sig=ZJuOkH35vmifBkzcu5ASLdLyhTI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx17OkrpfVAhWKnBoKHQlxA0oQ6AEIVzAJ#v=onepage&q=The%20Rise%20of%20the%20Cult%20of%20Rembrandt%3A%20Reinventing%20an%20Old%20Master%20in%20Nineteenth-century%20France&f=false/The
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