„The Source is God, who is all Love.“

—  Sri Chinmoy, The Wings of Joy (1997), Context: Life is nothing but the expansion of love. We can cultivate divine love by entering into the Source. The Source is God, who is all Love.
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Sri Chinmoy
Indiano espiritual professor, filósofo e guru 1931 - 2007

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Pierre Corneille photo

„Self-love is the source of all our other loves.“

—  Pierre Corneille French tragedian 1606 - 1684
Tite et Bérénice (Titus and Berenice) (1670), L'amour-propre est la source en nous de tous les autres. Albin, act I, scene iii.

Ralph Ellison photo

„God is love, I said, but art's the possibility of forms, and shadows are the source of identity.“

—  Ralph Ellison American novelist, literary critic, scholar and writer 1914 - 1994
Three Days Before the Shooting... (2010), p. 987.

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„Religion, then, is Love's Celestial Force
That penetrates thro' all to Its True Source“

—  John Byrom Poet, inventor of a shorthand system 1692 - 1763
Miscellaneous Poems (1773), Divine Love, The Essential Characteristic of True Religion, Context: Religion, then, is Love's Celestial Force That penetrates thro' all to Its True Source; Loves all along, but with proportion'd Bent, As Creatures further the Divine Ascent, Not to the Skies or Stars, but to the part That will be always uppermost, — the Heart, There is the Seat, as Holy Writings tell, Where the Most High Himself delights to dwell; Whither attracting the desirous Will To its true Rest, He saves it from all Ill, Gives it to find in His Abyssal Love An Heav'n within, — in other Words, Above. St. 7 & 8

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Ludwig Tieck photo

„He who does not love a flower, has lost all love and fear of God.“

—  Ludwig Tieck German poet, translator, editor, novelist, and critic 1773 - 1853
Wer keine Blume mehr liebt, dem ist alle Liebe und Gottesfurcht verloren. "Der Runenberg", from Phantasus (1812-16) http://ftp4.de.freesbie.org/pub/misc/gutenberg-de/1996/gutenb/tieck/runenbrg/runbrg3.htm; translation from Thomas Carlyle German Romance: Specimens of its Chief Authors, (London: Tait, 1827), vol. 2, p. 107.

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„Love, who is most beautiful among the immortal gods, the melter of limbs, overwhelms in their hearts the intelligence and wise counsel of all gods and all men.“

—  Hesiod Greek poet 70
The Theogony (c. 700 BC), Ἠδ᾽ Ἔρος, ὃς κάλλιστος ἐν ἀθανάτοισι θεοῖσι, λυσιμελής, πάντων δὲ θεῶν πάντων τ᾽ ἀνθρώπων δάμναται ἐν στήθεσσι νόον καὶ ἐπίφρονα βουλήν. line 120.

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„Who then is the Mother of the Gods? She is the Source of the Intelligible and Creative Powers, which direct the visible ones“

—  Julian (emperor) Roman Emperor, philosopher and writer 331 - 363
Upon The Mother Of The Gods (c. 362-363), Context: Who then is the Mother of the Gods? She is the Source of the Intelligible and Creative Powers, which direct the visible ones; she that gave birth to and copulated with the mighty Jupiter: she that exists as a great goddess next to the Great One, and in union with the Great Creator; she that is dispenser of all life; cause of all birth; most easily accomplishing all that is made; generating without passion; creating all that exists in concert with the Father; herself a virgin, without mother, sharing the throne of Jupiter, the mother in very truth of all the gods; for by receiving within herself the causes of all the intelligible deities that be above the world, she became the source to things the objects of intellect.

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„The true Mystic, realising God, has no need of any Scriptures, for he has touched the source whence all Scriptures flow.“

—  Annie Besant British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator 1847 - 1933
The Theosophical Writings of Annie Besant http://books.google.co.in/books?id=eIrD4GQFCPIC&pg=PT437

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„You have a God who loves you, the power of love behind you, the Holy Spirit within you, and all of heaven ahead of you.“

—  Max Lucado American clergyman and writer 1955
Travelling Light: Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear (2001)

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