„The term "paradigm," from the Greek paradeigma ("pattern"), was used by Kuhn to denote a conceptual framework shared by a community of scientists and providing them with model problems and solutions“

—  Fritjof Capra, p. 22.

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„The terms of this new religion, though based on Hebrew models, were Greek terms.“

—  Thomas Cahill American scholar and writer 1940
Context: The terms of this new religion, though based on Hebrew models, were Greek terms. Christ, Ekklēsia (Church), Baptism, Eucharist, Agapē (Lovingkindness)—all of Christianity's central words were Greek words. Christian patterns of thought... could indeed be traced to their origins in the coastal Levant, but they often shone with a Greek patina. Ch.VII The Way They Went: Greco-Roman Meets Judeo-Christian

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„Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions; they require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.“

—  David Fleming British activist 1940 - 2010
Energy and the Common Purpose, 3rd ed. (2007), p. 39 http://www.theleaneconomyconnection.net/downloads.html#TEQs


„Knowledge management often generates theories that are too general or abstract to be easily testable. In some cases, simulation modeling can help. [WE have developed] an agent-based simulation model derived from a conceptual framework, the Information Space or I-Space and use it to explore the differences between a neoclassical and a Schumpeterian information environment.“

—  Max Boisot British academic and educator 1943 - 2011
Boisot, M. H., Canals, A., & MacMillan, I. (2004). " Simulating I-Space (SIS): An agent-based approach to modeling knowledge flows http://entrepreneurship.wharton.upenn.edu/research/simispace3_200405.pdf." Working papers of the Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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„The problem of the design of a system must be stated strictly in terms of its requirements, not in terms of a solution or a class of solutions.“

—  A. Wayne Wymore American mathematician 1927 - 2011
A Wayne. Wymore (2004) " The nature of research in systems engineering http://sse.stevens.edu/fileadmin/cser/2004/papers/211-Paper119.pdf"; As cited in: Eric David Smith (2006) Tradeoff Studies and Cognitive Biases. p. 31.