„You can manage what you do not understand, but you cannot lead it.“

Myron Tribus quoted in: Henry R. Neave, "Deming'88* Part 2: The 14 Points revisited (Points 1–7)." Total Quality Management 1.2 (1990): 169-182.

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Myron Tribus4
American academic 1921 - 2016

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„Leading is not just about managing people. To lead, you have to help people understand where we’re trying to take the company and what their role is in getting it there.“

—  Mark Hurd American businessman, philanthropist and CEO of Oracle 1957 - 2019

Interview with Baylor Business Review: "Q & A with Mark Hurd" https://bbr.baylor.edu/mark-hurd-fa06/ (Fall 2006)

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Eric Mazur photo

„You can forget facts but you cannot forget understanding.“

—  Eric Mazur Dutch physicist 1954

explaining his techniques of active learning, in From Questions to Concepts: Interactive Teaching in Physics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBYrKPoVFwg, Harvard BokCenter, 2008.

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„I teach identity leadership, based on the philosophy that you can’t lead anybody else until you lead yourself. Once you understand who you are, you can really focus on becoming the expert in your field.“

—  Stedman Graham American businessman 1951

Financial Post: "'The key is to know who you are': Stedman Graham talks investing, self-leadership and Oprah" https://business.financialpost.com/executive/leadership/the-key-is-to-know-who-you-are-stedman-graham-talks-investing-self-leadership-and-oprah (27 April 2018)

„It is not that you cannot understand it, it is that you cannot compute it.“

—  Carlos Gershenson Mexican researcher 1978

Fonte: Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents (2001), p. 25

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„What you don't understand you can make mean anything.“

—  Chuck Palahniuk, livro Diary

Variante: What we don't understand we can make mean anything.
Fonte: Diary

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„You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.“

—  Milan Kundera Czech author of Czech and French literature 1929

Interview with Christian Salmon (Fall 1983), Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Series Seven [Viking, 1988, ], pp. 217-218
Contexto: Do you realize that people don't know how to read Kafka simply because they want to decipher him? Instead of letting themselves be carried away by his unequaled imagination, they look for allegories — and come up with nothing but clichés: life is absurd (or it is not absurd), God is beyond reach (or within reach), etc. You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.

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