„to wound the autumnal city.
So howled out for the world to give him a name.
The in-dark answered with wind.“

—  Samuel Delany, livro Dhalgren

Part I, "Prism, Mirror, Lens" (p. 1)
Dhalgren (1975)

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„Autumn colors remind us we are all one dancing in the wind.“

—  Lorin Morgan-Richards American poet, cartoonist, and children's writer 1975

Quote included in list https://www.simonandschuster.com/getliterary/our-favorite-literary-quotes-about-autumn/ "11 of Our Favorite Literary Quotes about Autumn” (23 September 2019).

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„Some gloomy autumn day, when the dreary north wind is howling, read Ossian to the accompaniment of the weird moans of an Æolian harp hung in the leafless branches of a tree, and you will experience a feeling of intense sadness, an infinite yearning for another state of existence, an intense disgust with the present.“

—  James Macpherson Scottish writer, poet, translator, and politician 1736 - 1796

Par une de ces journées sombres qui attristent la fin de l'année, et que rend encore plus mélancoliques le souffle glacé du vent du Nord, écoutez, en lisant Ossian, la fantastique harmonie d'une harpe éolienne balancée au sommet d'un arbre dépouillé de verdure, et vous pourrez éprouver un sentiment profond de tristesse, un désir vague et infini d'une autre existence, un dégoût immense de celle-ci.
Hector Berlioz, Mémoires, ch. 39 http://www.hberlioz.com/Writings/HBM39.htm; Eleanor Holmes, Rachel Holmes and Ernest Newman (trans.) Memoirs of Hector Berlioz from 1803 to 1865 (New York: Dover, 1966) pp. 156-7.

„Autumn returned to Gormenghast like a dark spirit re-entering its stronghold.“

—  Mervyn Peake, livro Titus Groan

Chapter 28 “Flay Brings a Message” (p. 152)
Titus Groan (1946)

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„It was one of those perfect autumn days so common in stories and so rare in the real world.“

—  Patrick Rothfuss, livro O Nome do Vento

Chapter 2, “A Beautiful Day” (p. 19)
The Name of the Wind (2007)

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„Autumn wind rises, white clouds fly.
Grass and trees wither; geese go south.“

—  Emperor Wu of Han emperor Wu-Ti -156 - -87 a.C.

The Autumn Wind 127 BC (translated by Arthur Waley), Dictionary of Quotations, Chambers: Edinburgh, U.K, 2005, p. 930

„Gather leaves and grasses,
Love, to-day;
For the Autumn passes
Soon away.
Chilling winds are blowing.
It will soon be snowing.“

—  John Henry Boner American writer 1845 - 1903

Gather Leaves and Grasses, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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