„I keep waking up all by myself,
With a blue jay in my brain.
Flappin' his wings, making me sing,
it was just about to rain.“

—  Tom Petty

Lyrics, The Last DJ (2002)

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Tom Petty
Músico americano 1950 - 2017

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„I can sing in my brain…I sing in my brain all the time. It’s not quite the same as doing it physically. There’s a physical feeling in singing that’s just like skiing down a hill. Except better, because I’m not a very good skier.“

—  Linda Ronstadt American pop singer 1946

On how she still sings in her head since retiring from music due to having Parkinson’s disease in “Linda Ronstadt Talks Illness, ‘Trio’ Album in Candid ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Interview” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/linda-ronstadt-cbs-sunday-morning-interview-789524/ in Rolling Stone (2019 Feb 4)

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„I never talk about age, but I was born singing. My mother, Catalina, told me that at 9 or 10 months of age I’d wake up in the middle of the night, 2 or 3 in the morning, singing "esta muchachita va a trabajar de noche."“

—  Celia Cruz Cuban singer (1925-2003) 1925 - 2003

Pues la viejita no se equivocó.

On her first time singing, part of her Interview with Generación Ñ http://generation-ntv.com/writing/celia-cruz-1996 in 1996.

A similar statement in shown in the BBC Arena documentary "My Name Is Celia Cruz" https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qmxcl from 1988.

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„How at heaven's gates she claps her wings,
The morne not waking til she sings.“

—  John Lyly English politician 1554 - 1606

Cupid and Campaspe, Act v, Sc. 1. Compare: "Hark, hark! the lark at heaven's gat sings,/And Phœbus 'gins arise", William Shakespeare, Cymbeline, act ii, sc. 3.

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„But now if I can wrap myself up in that song, and when that song gets to be a part of me, and affects me emotionally, then the emotions that I go through, chances are I’ll be able to communicate to you. Make the people out there become a part of the life of this song that you’re singing about. That’s soul when you can do that.“

—  Ray Charles American musician 1930 - 2004

A symposium on soul, Pop Chronicles, Show 15: The Soul Reformation http://digital.library.unt.edu/explore/partners/UNTML/browse/?start=14&fq=untl_collection%3AJGPC, interview recorded 3.8.1968 http://web.archive.org/web/20100116003442/http://www.library.unt.edu/music/special-collections/john-gilliland/index-to-interviews.

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„I just kind of thought about doing this my whole life. I never doubted myself once. I've always been singing, and I've always wanted to be on tour with a rock band.“

—  Bert McCracken American musician 1982

Eric R. Danton (September 1, 2005) "McCracken Had No Rock Doubts", The Hartford Courant, The Hartford Courant Co., p. 5.

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„Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.“

—  Stephenie Meyer American author 1973

Edward Cullen to Bella Cullen, p. 105
Twilight series, Breaking Dawn (2008)

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„For singing till his heaven fills,
'Tis love of earth that he instils,
And ever winging up and up,
Our valley is his golden cup,
And he the wine which overflows
To lift us with him as he goes.“

—  George Meredith British novelist and poet of the Victorian era 1828 - 1909

The Lark Ascending http://www.ev90481.dial.pipex.com/Meredith/lark_ascending.htm, l. 65-70 (1881).

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