„While I live, every criminal must die.“

—  Papa Sisto V, Reported in Will and Ariel Durant, Age of Reason Begins: Volume 7 (1961), p. 240.
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Papa Sisto V
1520 - 1590

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„Let us live – we must die.“

—  Marcus Annaeus Seneca Roman scholar -54 - 39 a.C.
Book II, Chapter VI; translation from Michael Winterbottom, Declamations of the Elder Seneca (London: Heinemann, 1974) vol. 1 p. 349 Note: Some editions of Seneca prefer the reading Bibamus, moriendum est (Let us drink – we must die).

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„I now myself live, in every detail, striving for wisdom, while I formerly merely worshipped and idolized the wise.“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900
Letter to Mathilde Mayer, July 16, 1878, cited in Karl Jaspers, Nietzsche (Baltimore: 1997), p. 46

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„It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis must die, so that the country may live.“

—  Maximilien Robespierre French revolutionary lawyer and politician 1758 - 1794
Original French: Je prononce à regret cette fatale vérité... mais Louis doit mourir, parce qu'il faut que la patrie vive. Speech to the National Convention http://www.royet.org/nea1789-1794/archives/journal_debats/an/1792/convention_1792_12_03.htm on the judgment of Louis XVI (3 December 1792)

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