„There is no danger to the man that knows
What life and death is; there's not any law
Exceeds his knowledge; neither is it lawful
That he should stoop to any other law.
He goes before them, and commands them all,
That to himself is a law rational.“

—  George Chapman, The Conspiracy and Tragedy of Charles, Duke of Byron, The Conspiracy and Tragedy of Charles, Duke of Byron (1608), Act III, scene i.
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George Chapman2
1559 - 1634

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„There are those who talk as if Irishmen were justified in disobeying the law because the law comes to them in a foreign garb. I see no reason why any local colour should be given to the Ten Commandments.“

—  Arthur James Balfour British Conservative politician and statesman 1848 - 1930
Chief Secretary for Ireland, Speech https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1887/mar/28/motion-for-leave-first-reading#column_1656 in the House of Commons (28 March 1887) introducing the Irish Crimes Bill

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„Freedom does not consist in any dreamt-of independence from natural laws, but in the knowledge of these laws, and in the possibility this gives of systematically making them work towards definite ends.“

—  Friedrich Engels German social scientist, author, political theorist, and philosopher 1820 - 1895
Anti-Dühring http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/subject/quotes/index.htm (1878)

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„No human laws are of any validity if contrary to the law of nature; and such of them as are valid derive all their force and all their authority mediately or immediately from this original.“

—  Herbert Spencer, livro Social Statics
Social Statics (1851), Thus writes Blackstone, to whom let all honour be given for having so far outseen the ideas of his time; and, indeed, we may say of our time. A good antidote, this, for those political superstitions which so widely prevail. A good check upon that sentiment of power-worship which still misleads us by magnifying the prerogatives of constitutional governments as it once did those of monarchs. Let men learn that a legislature is not “our God upon earth,” though, by the authority they ascribe to it, and the things they expect from it, they would seem to think it is. Let them learn rather that it is an institution serving a purely temporary purpose, whose power, when not stolen, is at the best borrowed. Pt. III, Ch. 19 : The Right to Ignore the State, § 2

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