„I mark this day with a white stone.“

— Lewis Carroll, 19 December 1863; he frequently used this or a similar phrase for especially notable days.

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Lewis Carroll19
1832 - 1898

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„Art is a big question mark.“

— Marilyn Manson American rock musician and actor 1969

W.E.B. Du Bois foto

„I believe that all men, black, brown, and white, are brothers.“

— W.E.B. Du Bois American sociologist, historian, activist and writer 1868 - 1963

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 Aristotle foto

„It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.“

—  Aristotle, Metaphysics
Attributed to Aristotle in Lowell L. Bennion, [http://books.google.gr/books?id=2HPUAAAAMAAJ&q= Religion and the Pursuit of Truth], Deseret Book Company, 1959, p. 52, and in [http://books.google.gr/books?id=irofAQAAMAAJ&q= American Opinion, Volume 24], Robert Welch, Inc., 1981, p. 23. [http://publicnoises.blogspot.fi/2009/02/aristotle-and-accuracy.html Possibly a discombobulation] of the Nicomachean Ethics Book I, 1094b.24 quote above.

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Francois Villon foto

„At break of day I say goodnight.“

— Francois Villon Mediæval French poet 1431 - 1463

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„Be nice to the whites, they need you to rediscover their humanity.“

— Desmond Tutu South African churchman, politician, archbishop, Nobel Prize winner 1931
As quoted in New York Times (19 October 1984)

Will Smith foto

„I feel like I could run for President. People often laugh, but if I set my mind to it, within the next 15 years I could be in the White House.“

— Will Smith American actor, film producer and rapper 1968
"Will Smith" article in Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies (2001 edition), p. 406

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