„I call this The Dictator Syndrome. You see suffering or danger, and in your imagination you see a government program eliminating it. But in the real world the program would operate as you expect only if you were an absolute dictator—having at your disposal all the government's power to compel everyone to do things your way.“

—  Harry Browne, Part One, chapter 5, page 20
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Harry Browne18
American politician and writer 1933 - 2006

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„I do not doubt that it would be easier for fate to take away your suffering than it would for me. But you will see for yourself that much has been gained if we succeed in turning your hysterical misery into common unhappiness.“

—  Sigmund Freud Austrian neurologist known as the founding father of psychoanalysis 1856 - 1939
Studies on Hysteria (1895), (co-written with Josef Breuer) as translated by Nicola Luckhurst (2004)

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