„However wretched you may be, never say you are wretched, for I shall never make beggars of you.“

—  Miki Nakayama, The Life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo, p. 33
Miki Nakayama
1798 - 1887

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„A man's heart is a wretched, wretched thing. It isn't like a mother's womb. It won't bleed. It won't stretch to make room for you.“

—  Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns
Context: Nana (to Mariam) : A man's heart isn't like a woman's womb, Mariam! It won't bleed, it won't make room for you. A man's heart is a wretched, wretched thing. I'm all you have in this world, Mariam and when I'm gone, you'll have nothing. You are nothing!

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„I'm a wretch. But I love, love.“

—  Jack Kerouac American writer 1922 - 1969
Context: My manners, abominable at times, can be sweet. As I grew older I became a drunk. Why? Because I like ecstasy of the mind. I'm a wretch. But I love, love. Satori in Paris (1966)

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„There's the wretched rent to pay,
Yet I glower at pen and ink:
Oh, inspire me, Muse, I pray,
It is later than you think!“

—  Robert W. Service Canadian poet 1874 - 1958
Ballads of a Bohemian (1921), It is later than you think http://plagiarist.com/poetry/4052/