„Of all obstacles to a thoroughly penetrating account of existence, none looms up more dismayingly than “time.” Explain time? Not without explaining existence. Explain existence? Not without explaining time. To uncover the deep and hidden connection between time and existence, to close on itself our quartet of questions, is a task for the future.“

—  John Archibald Wheeler, "Hermann Weyl and the Unity of Knowledge" http://www.weylmann.com/wheeler.shtml, American Scientist (July-August 1986) Vol. 74, pp. 366-375. Reprinted in At Home in the Universe (1993), p. 171. http://books.google.com/books?id=w9BXAAAAYAAJ&q=%22hermann+weyl+and+the+unity+of+knowledge%22#search_anchor

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Henrik Ibsen photo

„The great task of our time is to blow up all existing institutions — to destroy.“

—  Henrik Ibsen Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet 1828 - 1906
Letter of 1883, quoted in The Drama of Ibsen and Strindberg (1962) by Frank Laurence Lucas, p. 34.

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 Euripidés photo
Max Horkheimer photo

„This would explain why at any given time there are more cannibals than philosophical pessimists.“

—  Thomas Ligotti American horror author 1953
Context: Optimism has always been an undeclared policy of human culture- one that grew out of our animal instincts to survive and reproduce- rather than an articulated body of thought. It is the default condition of our blood and cannot be effectively questioned by our minds or put in grave doubt by our pains. This would explain why at any given time there are more cannibals than philosophical pessimists.

Byron White photo

„We're the only branch of government that explains itself in writing every time it makes a decision.“

—  Byron White Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, American football player 1917 - 2002
Reported by Evan Thomas in Time Magazine, Oct. 08, 1984, in response to the assertion that the Supreme Court is the most secretive branch in terms of carrying out its deliberations.

Alfred Russel Wallace photo

„Every species has come into existence coincident both in space and time with a pre-existing closely allied species.“

—  Alfred Russel Wallace British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist 1823 - 1913
"On the Law which has Regulated the Introduction of New Species" (1855).

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Marcus Annaeus Lucanus photo

„More was lost there than mere life and existence: we were overthrown for all time to come.“

—  Marcus Annaeus Lucanus Roman poet 39 - 65
Plus est quam vita salusque quod perit: in totum mundi prosternimur aevum. Book VII, line 639 (tr. J. D. Duff).

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