„Looking at the other person’s point of view and arousing in him an eager want for something is not to be construed as manipulating that person so that he will do something that is only for your benefit and his detriment. Each party should gain from the negotiation.“

—  Dale Carnegie, p. 61 (in 2016 edition)
Dale Carnegie photo
Dale Carnegie32
1888 - 1955

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„We will be forced to cut state benefits, support personal responsibility and demand higher personal contributions from each individual.“

—  Gerhard Schröder German politician (SPD) 1944
government policy statement, 14 March 2003, quoted on ksta.de http://www.ksta.de/politik/hintergrund--das-reformpaket---132agenda-2010--148,15187246,13237294.html

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„An efficient and contented employee has a positive money value to any employer. To hold him and keep him efficient, his personal comfort and needs should be considered in every way not detrimental to the company's interests.“

—  Walter Dill Scott President of Northwestern university and psychologist 1869 - 1955
Walter Dill Scott, "The Psychology of Business - Wages," in: System, (18) (Dec. 1910), p. 610. The first article appeared in XVII