„When we had no computers, we had no programming problem either. When we had a few computers, we had a mild programming problem. Confronted with machines a million times as powerful, we are faced with a gigantic programming problem.“

—  Edsger Dijkstra, 1980s, Dijkstra (1986) Visuals for BP's Venture Research Conference http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD09xx/EWD963.html (EWD 963).
Edsger Dijkstra photo
Edsger Dijkstra3
1930 - 2002

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Edsger W. Dijkstra photo
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„There's no doubt that we have other problems with Iran. But personally, I'd rather deal with the other problems having put that lid on their nuclear program than still to be facing that.“

—  Hillary Clinton American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady 1947
Presidential campaign (April 12, 2015 – 2016), First presidential debate (September 26, 2016)

John D. Barrow photo

„Mathematics became an experimental subject. Individuals could follow previously intractable problems by simply watching what happened when they were programmed into a personal computer.“

—  John D. Barrow British scientist 1952
Cosmic Imagery: Key Images in the History of Science (2008), Context: Mathematics became an experimental subject. Individuals could follow previously intractable problems by simply watching what happened when they were programmed into a personal computer.... The PC revolution has made science more visual and more immediate.... by creating films of imaginary experiences of mathematical worlds.... Words are no longer enough. Introduction

Fred Thompson photo

„We can't forget the fact that although at a particular point in time we never found any WMD down there, he clearly had had WMD. He clearly had had the beginnings of a nuclear program.“

—  Fred Thompson American politician and actor 1942 - 2015
Des Moines Register http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071001/NEWS/71001030/1001/hawkeye_insider|, October 1, 2007

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„We only think when confronted with a problem.“

—  John Dewey American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer 1859 - 1952

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„When we first began, Ruth told us she had never written a screenplay. That was not a problem since I had never produced a feature film and Jim had never directed one.“

—  Ismail Merchant Indian-born film producer and director 1936 - 2005
On the beginning of his long collaboration with novelist and screenwriter Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Interview with the Associated Press (2004).

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Bjarne Stroustrup photo

„The connection between the language in which we think/program and the problems and solutions we can imagine is very close. For this reason restricting language features with the intent of eliminating programmer errors is at best dangerous.“

—  Bjarne Stroustrup Danish computer scientist, creator of C++ 1950
Bjarne Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language (Third Edition and Special Edition) Notes to the Reader page 9, 2012-04-28, http://web.archive.org/web/20091128074415/http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/3rd_notes.pdf#page=7, 2009-11-28 http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/3rd_notes.pdf#page=7,

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„I'm sure you petroleum folks understand that solar power will solve all our problems. How much money have we blown on that? This is the hippies' program from the seventies and they're still pushing this stuff.“

—  Trent Lott United States Senator from Mississippi 1941
1990s, On solar energy in a speech to the Independent Petroleum Association of America, as quoted in The Washington Post (23 May 1997).

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