„It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.“

— William Ralph Inge, " Patriotism http://books.google.com/books?id=dFYPAQAAIAAJ&q=%22It%20is%20useless%20for%20the%20sheep%20to%20pass%20resolutions%20in%20favour%20of%20vegetarianism%20while%20the%20wolf%20remains%20of%20a%20different%20opinion%22&pg=PA42-43#v=onepage&q&f=false" (August 1919) in Outspoken Essays (1919), pp. 42-43

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William Ralph Inge7
1860 - 1954

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„To be a vegetarian is to disagree — to disagree with the course of things today. Starvation, world hunger, cruelty, waste, wars — we must make a statement against these things. Vegetarianism is my statement. And I think it’s a strong one.“

— Isaac Bashevis Singer Polish-born Jewish-American author 1902 - 1991
Context: Vegetarianism is my religion. I became a consistent vegetarian some twenty-three years ago. Before that, I would try over and over again. But it was sporadic. Finally, in the mid-1960s, I made up my mind. And I've been a vegetarian ever since. When a human kills an animal for food, he is neglecting his own hunger for justice. Man prays for mercy, but is unwilling to extend it to others. Why should man then expect mercy from God? It's unfair to expect something that you are not willing to give. … This is my protest against the conduct of the world. To be a vegetarian is to disagree — to disagree with the course of things today. Nuclear power, starvation, cruelty — we must make a statement against these things. Vegetarianism is my statement. And I think it's a strong one. Preface to Food for the Spirit: Vegetarianism and the World Religions by Steven Rosen (New York: Bala Books, 1987, )

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„Vegetarianism is a way of life that we should all move toward for economic survival, physical well-being and spiritual integrity.“

— Thomas Berry American priest 1914 - 2009
Reported in Food for the Spirit https://books.google.it/books?id=EL8nAAAAYAAJ by Steven Rosen (New York: Bala Books, 1987), in the “Critics praise” section.

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„[Speaking of computers] But they are useless. They can only give you answers.“

— Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973
As discussed in this entry from Quote Investigator http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/11/05/computers-useless/#more-2932, the origin seems to be the article "Pablo Picasso: A Composite Interview" by William Fifield which appeared in The Paris Review 32, Summer-Fall 1964, and collected a number of interviews Fifield had done with Picasso. Common later variant: "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." This variant seems to have arisen in the 1980s, the earliest known appearance in a book is Herman Feshbach, "Reflections on the Microprocessor Revolution: A Physicist's Viewpoint", in Man and Technology (1983), ed. Bruce M. Adkins, where the attribution is described as "rumoured". http://books.google.com/books?id=9EohAQAAIAAJ&q=Picasso<!--

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