„Along the Syria border there were no farms and no refugee camps — there was only the Syrian army… The kibbutzim saw the good agricultural land … and they dreamed about it… They didn't even try to hide their greed for the land… We would send a tractor to plow some area where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they didn't shoot, we would tell the tractor to advance further, until in the end the Syrians would get annoyed and shoot. And then we would use artillery and later the air force also, and that's how it was…The Syrians, on the fourth day of the war, were not a threat to us.“

On pre-1967 clashes with the Syrians, from a private conversation in 1976 with Rami Tal, as quoted in The New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/1997/05/11/world/general-s-words-shed-a-new-light-on-the-golan.html?scp=1&sq=Moshe%20Dayan%20Rami%20Tal&st=cse and Associated Press reports (11 May 1997)

Moshe Dayan photo
Moshe Dayan
1915 - 1981

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„The Syrian crisis must be resolved by a vote by Syrians. We are concerned by the civil war and foreign interference. The government [of President Bashar al-Assad] must be respected by other countries until the next [2014 presidential] elections and then it is up to the people to decide.“

—  Hassan Rouhani 7th President of Islamic Republic of Iran 1948

"Iran leader warns on Syria intervention" http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/breaking-news/iran-leader-warns-on-syria-intervention/story-fn3dxix6-1226665312188, The Australian, (June 17, 2013)

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„Although the shooting war is over, we are in the midst of a cold war which is getting warmer.“

—  Bernard Baruch American businessman 1870 - 1965

Speech before the Senate’s Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program (1948)

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„We started off with this fairly grand concept of, if you were to tackle it at a children's level, eliminating war. What would you do?“

—  Jim Henson American puppeteer 1936 - 1990

Henson on the motivation behind Fraggle Rock
Interview with Associated Press (1987)

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„It would be consistent and proper for us to join the war for democratic freedom, only if we would likewise be assured that democratic freedom in theory as well as in practice.“

—  Aung San Burmese revolutionary leader 1915 - 1947

Address delivered at the meeting of East and West Association held on August 29, 1945, at the City Hall of Rangoon

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