„When World War II started on September 1, 1939, the German army contained 3.74 million soldiers and 103 divisions.“

—  John Mearsheimer, livro The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics (2001), Chapter 8, Balancing versus Buck-Passing, p. 307

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Stan Lee photo

„As comics writers we had to have villains in our stories. And once World War II started, the Nazis gave us the greatest villains in the world to fight against. It was a slam dunk.“

—  Stan Lee American comic book writer 1922 - 2018
How the Jews Created the Comic Book Industry Part I: The Golden Age (1933-1955) Reform Judaism http://reformjudaismmag.net/03fall/comics.shtml (2003)

„I was born in 1939. The other big event of that year was the outbreak of the Second World War, but for the moment that did not affect me.“

—  Clive James Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator and memoirist 1939 - 2019
Memoirs, Unreliable Memoirs (1980), Opening lines of the autobiography, p. 11

Grace Hopper photo

„Life was simple before World War II. After that, we had systems.“

—  Grace Hopper American computer scientist and United States Navy officer 1906 - 1992

Leonard Cohen photo

„I haven't been this happy
since the end of World War II.“

—  Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and singer-songwriter 1934 - 2016
The Future (1992), Context: Waiting for the miracle There's nothing left to do. I haven't been this happy since the end of World War II. "Waiting for the Miracle" (co-written with Sharon Robinson)

Andrew Bacevich photo
Pablo Picasso photo

„On August 2, 1914, I took Braque and Derain to the Gare d'Avignon [drafted as a soldier for World war 1. ] I never saw them again [not literally a fact, but the close relation between Picasso and Braque ended].“

—  Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973
Quotes, 1950's, Quote in My Galleries and Painters, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, New York Viking Press, 1971, p. 46 Picasso in a talk c. 1955, with Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler

Harry Truman photo
Christopher Vokes photo
Marshall McLuhan photo

„World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1911 - 1980
1970s, Culture Is Our Business (1970), p.66

Adolf Hitler photo

„It is already war history how the German Armies defeated the legions of capitalism and plutocracy. After forty-five days this campaign in the West was equally and emphatically terminated.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945
1940s, Berlin: Hitler’s Order of the Day Calling for Invasion of Yugoslovia and Greece http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/adolf-hitler-order-of-the-day-calling-for-invasion-of-yugoslovia-and-greece-april-1941 (April 6, 1941)

Lucian Truscott photo

„The American soldier demonstrated that, properly equipped, trained and led, he has no superior among all the armies of the world.“

—  Lucian Truscott Recipient of the Purple Heart medal 1895 - 1965
Quoted in Command Missions, A Personal Story, New York, 1954, ISBN 0-89141-364-2

William March photo
Hugo Ball photo

„The war [World War 1. ] is founded on a glaring mistake, men have been confused with machines.“

—  Hugo Ball German author, poet and one of the leading Dada artists 1886 - 1927
before 1916, Quote from 'Life and Work', in Hugo Ball on Wikipedia his remark after witnessing the invasion of Belgium by the German armies, in the start of World War 1. in 1914

Isa Genzken photo

„One curve corresponds to the curvature of Mars on a scale of 1:1000, another curve to Venus on a scale of 1:40.000 [named after the Roman Gods of Love and War, probably alluding to her starting romance with Gerhard Richter ]“

—  Isa Genzken German sculptor 1948
1990 - 2000, Quote of Genzken in: 'Gerhard Richter: A Life in Painting', by Dietmar Elger, University of Chicago Press 2009, p. 252 concept-text in 1980, for the commissioned decoration - together with Gerhard Richter - of the the multilevel U-bahn (subway) At König-Heinrich-Platz in Duisburg

Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein photo

„Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: "Do not march on Moscow". Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good. That is the first rule. I do not know whether your Lordships will know Rule 2 of war. It is: "Do not go fighting with your land armies in China."“

—  Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein British Army officer, Commander of Allied forces at the Battle of El Alamein 1887 - 1976
It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives. In the House of Lords, 30 May 1962 ( Hansard, Col. 227 http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/lords/1962/may/30/the-army-estimates#S5LV0241P0-00791)

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