„You are a republic of voices tonight. Unfortunately, that republic is Italy.“

—  Jay McInerney, livro Bright Lights, Big City, Bright Lights, Big City (1984)
Jay McInerney photo
Jay McInerney10
American writer 1955

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Tsai Ing-wen photo

„Taiwan is the Republic of China, the Republic of China is Taiwan.“

—  Tsai Ing-wen President of the Republic of China 1956
Taiwan is not Republic of China, Taipei Times, 1, January 26, 2014, 26 March 2014 http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2014/01/26/2003582152,

Simón Bolívar photo

„The distinguishing characteristic of small republics is stability: the character of large republics is mutability.“

—  Simón Bolívar Venezuelan military and political leader, South American libertador 1783 - 1830
Context: A state too expensive in itself, or by virtue of its dependencies, ultimately falls into decay; its free government is transformed into a tyranny; it disregards the principles which it should preserve, and finally degenerates into despotism. The distinguishing characteristic of small republics is stability: the character of large republics is mutability. Letter from Jamaica (Summer 1815)

Benito Mussolini photo

„Some still ask of us: what do you want? We answer with three words that summon up our entire program. Here they are…Italy, Republic, Socialization... Socialization is no other than the implantation of Italian Socialism…“

—  Benito Mussolini Duce and President of the Council of Ministers of Italy. Leader of the National Fascist Party and subsequent Republican… 1883 - 1945
1940s, Speech given by Mussolini to a group of Milanese Fascist veterans (October 14, 1944), quoted in Revolutionary Fascism, Erik Norling, Lisbon, Finis Mundi Press (2011) pp.119-120.

Charles de Gaulle photo

„It is unnecessary, for the Republic has never ceased to exist. I was the Republic.“

—  Charles de Gaulle eighteenth President of the French Republic 1890 - 1970
World War II, Reply in August 1944 to a statement of regret that the windows of the Hotel de Ville in Paris were not opened for the crowd outside cheering the reestablishment of the Republic. Quoted in The Atlantic, November 1960.

Benjamin Franklin photo

„A lady asked Franklin: "Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?". Franklin replied: "A Republic, if you can keep it."“

—  Benjamin Franklin American author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, a… 1706 - 1790
Constitutional Convention of 1787, From a note of uncertain date by Dr. James McHenry. In a footnote he added that "The lady here aluded to was Mrs. Powel of Philada." Published in The American Historical Review, v. 11, p. 618. At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 http://www.bartleby.com/73/1593.html

Henry Fielding photo

„Republic of letters.“

—  Henry Fielding English novelist and dramatist 1707 - 1754
The History of Tom Jones (1749), Book XIV, Chapter 1

James A. Garfield photo

„Tortured for the Republic.“

—  James A. Garfield American politician, 20th President of the United States (in office in 1881) 1831 - 1881
1880s, Strangulatus pro republica. Last written words, two days before he died; these are sometimes reported as being his last words. (17 September 1881) Variant translation: "Tortured for the sake of the republic."

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Bocchit Edmond photo

„It is with this in mind that the Republic of Haiti wishes greater consideration to be given to the repeated demands of the Republic of China for participation in the activities of the United Nations system.“

—  Bocchit Edmond Haitian politician
Bocchit Edmond (2019) cited in: " 11 of Taiwan's allies speak up at UN debate: MOFA http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aipl/201909290006.aspx" in Focus Taiwan, 29 September 2019. Statement made during the General Debate of the 74th general assembly of the United Nations, 28 September 2019.

Shankar Dayal Sharma photo

„Our constitution, in essence, represents our national philosophy. The Constitution voices the social, economic and political covenant entered into by and for ourselves as equal citizens of our Republic.“

—  Shankar Dayal Sharma Indian politician 1918 - 1999
Commissions and Omissions by Indian Presidents and Their Conflicts with the Prime Ministers Under the Constitution: 1977-2001, His broadcast to the nation on the eve of the Republic day on 25 January 1996, in: p. 244.

Jacques Bainville photo

„You will understand and know the German Republic better when it elects Hindenburg president.“

—  Jacques Bainville French historian and journalist 1879 - 1936
Remark (25 November 1918), quoted in William R. Keylor, Jacques Bainville and the Renaissance of Royalist History in Twentieth-Century France (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1979), p. 133.

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Andrew Sullivan photo

„A constitutional republic dedicated before everything to the protection of liberty cannot legalize torture and remain a constitutional republic. It imports into itself a tumor of pure tyranny.“

—  Andrew Sullivan Journalist, writer, blogger 1963
Context: A constitutional republic dedicated before everything to the protection of liberty cannot legalize torture and remain a constitutional republic. It imports into itself a tumor of pure tyranny. That tumor, we know from history, always always spreads, as it has spread in the US military these past shameful years. The fact that hefty proportions of US soldiers now support its use as a routine matter reveals how deep the rot has already gone. The fact that now a majority of Republican candidates proudly support such torture has rendered the GOP the party most inimical to liberty in America. When you combine torture's evil with the claims of the hard right that a president can ignore all laws and all treaties in wartime, and that "wartime" is now permanent, you have laid the ground for the abolition of the American experiment in self-government. "Torture, Moral Vanity and Freedom", The Daily Dish (17 May 2007)

Канье Уэст photo

„I'm the Gap like Banana Republic and Old Navy“

—  Канье Уэст American rapper, singer and songwriter 1977
Lyrics, The College Dropout (2004), Last Call

Helmut Kohl photo

„Translation: We will move to Berlin - but not to a new republic.“

—  Helmut Kohl former chancellor of West Germany (1982-1990) and then the united Germany (1990-1998) 1930 - 2017
Wir gehen nach Berlin – aber nicht in eine neue Republik. 50 JAHRE DEMOKRATIE DANK AN BONN" (July 06, 1999)

Aristotle photo

„Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -321 a.C.

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